So me and hubby hit the road this morning to explore a little bit of our beautiful country side. The awesomeness of living in Cape Town is we have the best of everything. The beaches, city life, country side and farm life. All within comfortable distances of each other. And not to brag we have it all. Been blessed with the best. Its a stunning morning. Drizzling for short periods, leaving the air fresh and crisp.  The soft cotton wool clouds has been placed softly on the mountaintops. The sun kissing the trees just lightly then retreating behind the clouds again. Leipzig Country house, situated between huge patch work of grapevines and bunches of the most breath taking bougainvillea.

Just as we drive through the big wooden gates, I get a call from Wian, the manager at the country house wanting to know if we still coming. Wian is quite a friendly dude and gives us a warm welcome. We are his first guest for the day, so he is enthusiastic about telling us all about the farms history. As we sit down I notice the painting on the wall, four siblings with white dresses on,  it seems from a time long ago. As we listen to Wian’s rendition of the life of his great great grandfather, I appreciate that the weather is cool today. Can just imagine this place on a sweltering day. He starts from the year 1960 and ends with wine made in 2015. He is quite good and passionate about his wine and his farm. First he have us taste their Sauvignon Blanc from 2013, then their best, the White Leipzig of 2014. It has won quite a few awards local and international and I can taste why. It feels gorgeous on my tongue. Then he presents two red wines…not my favourite.

The waiter brings us a lovely platter with cheeses, figs, salad and cold meats while we savour the wines. After feeling real mellow we take a stroll along the vineyards and admire the beautiful scenery.

There is nothing better than to spend my morning with my man and the peaceful serenity of the Nuy Valley.

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