Lazy Sunday mornings

I don’t think there is anyone in this cray cray world that doesn’t love lazy Sunday mornings. Sleeping in, waking up to the sun rays heating up on your face and the feeling of your guys strong arms around you. Sundays is for being lazy.

Our lives are such a rush with everyday chars that a day like Sunday is healing to our souls. Recuperating after a week of hustling. Work, school, studies, family obligations…it can drive you insane. I do appreciate Sundays so much. This morning we’ll be having coffee and shortbread in bed. Watch some unimportant TV show and just be lazy. Then we’ll get ready for some after lunch lunch soaking up the sun on the beach, sipping on cocktails and just be lazy.  I’m happy doing nothing on a Sunday because come Monday then the fight goes on. Another day another dollar. Hustling the hustler. A song I came to love plays in my head…Let’s take it back to the beach, cos the city don’t feel me. Yes this is what I’ll do today, just be lazy.





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