A true love story never ends…

graceThis is just an extract out of the manuscript of a person near to me. It is called “A true love story never ends”. She wrote this in the midst of a challenging time in her life. So proud of her for overcoming and keeping it real.

Is it possible that you can actually miss your destiny?  Is it really possible that two people who are soul mates can actually not find their way to each other? If I was really supposed to have been with him, then with whom is our present mates supposed to be with? Can two people really end up with the wrong persons and miss that completeness they could’ve had with someone else? I’ve been asking myself this question countless of times. I’ve asked mom this question recently. Her answer?

“God together with the Holy spirit guides us to meet the partner that He has in mind for us. Our relationship with Him determines our hearing power. And if we are not intimate with the Holy Spirit then we don’t’ get to hear His instructions. And that’s where we miss our destiny.  We end up in a relationship where we have to work extra hard, more than what would’ve been necessary if we listened to Him.”  Life can seriously be so easy if we just choose to abide in Him and follow His guidance. God helps us to work towards perfection in our marriage.  We are human and will never be perfect, but with guidance from above we learn to love completely, we learn to accept completely and we learn to work with what we’ve got.  It is strange how people plan their lives according to what they believe is good for them. We tend to turn to God only when circumstances change against our favour and we’re stuck in uncomfortable situations. Jesus at that point of time so lovingly embraces us and comforts us carrying us through each difficult situation. I love the way God comforts me when I pray to him. He lulls me into a calm state of mind; allowing me to feel that everything is going to be okay.  One of my favourite songs is “He loved me back to wholeness” and basically it just speaks of how God’s love can mend our broken, broken lives back to being whole.  He softly and tenderly steers us back to the righteous path that we failed to see before.  He loves us completely and unconditionally and we often forget that we are accepted by Him just as we are.

When we feel rejected and hurt by someone we love, we fight back with bitterness and hatred.  We want to stop the hurt in some way by doing things that hurts back. It can be a very dangerous thing. A woman’s wrath is a scary thing to deal with.  And that is how she want to be seen. As this mysterious articulated boisterous woman who will do absolutely anything to scare her opposition. You are walking on thin ice if you dared to mess with a woman who knows how to stand up for herself. She is strong and forthright. She is beautifully fired up and ready to spit fire like someone said. The same sensual, soft-hearted princess figure can be transformed into a no-nonsense scorching dragon. That is when you know you have hurt her truly.  Is there a secret rule that women are not supposed to be the cause of such hurt to another woman? Only a woman will know how much it really affects another woman when her partner has been unfaithful to her.

She is expected to have her sisters back. She is expected to withstand a man who willfully acts in an inappropriate way. A man comes away with being weak, but a woman has to be sensible and decent all the time. A man are excused for being tempted but a woman are executed by the very thought of infidelity. I’ve met such a woman; I’ve been that woman once. I think a woman knows that feeling at least once in her lifetime.  When she is the reason for inflicting such heartache, she knows that her sister is strong enough to handle it. She knows her sister has the weapons to overcome such pain. She hopes her sister has ammunition to punish her companion for the hurt both of them has to go through because of this betrayal. It doesn’t make sense but the mistresses sometimes do wish her lover gets punished for his  behaviour.  After a while she feels her sisters’ pain. She wishes she never did the things she did. This feeling is a reminder of what she ones felt when her heart was trampled on.

(Extract from an unpublished manuscript)


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