Christmas wish list

decor.jpgImpossible as it sounds, Christmas is only a week away. What a year it has been. If I think back on this year I can seriously say it’s been only by the Grace of God. Being employed at the only electricity provider of the country and at the Nuclear division for that matter, forced me to work two outages this year. I had my final exams, organizing a 81st birthday lunch, a 70th birthday party, a 60th birthday lunch, designing wedding invitations and handling some rather unsavory situations this past year.

So with all this behind me I’d say that a well deserved holiday is just what I need. Unfortunately my leave days were used for those unsavory situations during the year sadly leaving me with no annual leave to take. Nevertheless, I will not brood over what I cannot change at this point. I’m going to make the most of what I have and enjoy it even though I’ll be the only one that will have to wake up early everyday. So my first wish for this Season will be?

  1. More annual leave…I need at least two weeks!!
  2. If I had two weeks of leave, I’d wish to go to Phuket Thailand with my family. phuket-thailand
  3. I wish I was in a position to host a lunch for the children and teenagers of my old neighborhood. It would genuinely be a gift I’d give myself.
  4. I wish that I could have a do over for one of those unsavory situations of this year. I lost someone dear to my heart and wish I could have it back.
  5. I wish for the keys to my new home right before Christmas.
  6. Now for the real stuff:-) I’m a shoes crazy kinda girl and how I would love a few pairs of Louboutin shoes!Christian_Louboutin_Replicas-Shoes
  7. So after the shoes it’s obvious that I’m a self-confessed bag lady as well. Strange, when a girl sees a bag she always thinks “I do need a red/blue bag” 870-women-leather-handbags-new-2015-ladies-handbag-vintage-cowhide-female-evening-bags-famous-brands-designers-tote.jpg
  8. I always browse at Spa treatments and massage parlours but never actually book a session. I wish for a full body massage…I can just imagine the luxury my body would feel.
  9. I wish for a paper laser cutter for my invitation designing. Very expensive that’s why it has to be gifted.
  10. Then I wish for a new phone, the new Adele cd, a new laptop bag and list can go on and on.

It is human to get carried away with desiring material possessions. Needs or wants, whatever we call them, they can be a blessing or a curse. At the end of it all I pray that whatever you and I get for Christmas is going to enrich our inner spirit. I am blessed with my family and my life…and that’s a gift ten thousand.




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