Let’s start over

Greetings everyone! So good to be here. I sure hope y’all had a Blessed Christmas. Mine was perfect and I will post some pics soon.

So we are nearing the end of 2015. Isn’t it wonderful to know that we have a chance to start fresh… all over again. We can forget all about what didn’t work out for us the previous times and just start a new chapter.

This morning on my way to work I just appreciated the fact that I was traveling alone which gave me the opportunity to have a chat with the Almighty. I could reflect on things that didn’t work out this year, on things that did, on things that I haven’t even faced yet because of the rush of the past two weeks. I could say a few things out loud that has been pushed back for a while. How grateful I am to be able to pray about these things. I’ve had a couple of disappointments this year but I’ve also been blessed tremendously. You see. It is so important that we balance the two out by taking note of our disappointments but to also note the times we have been blessed. How often we only think of the bad and then forget when things went in our favor. Well today I just want to encourage you that there might have been a few lows along the way in 2015 but do not forget about the highs however small. You are blessed, we are blessed.

I’m looking forward to start over. In 2016 with the Grace of God I want to fix a few things in my life that I could’ve handled differently this past year. I want to go to gym more, I want to play with my kids more, I want to put valuable time into my business. I just want to spend more time on things that adds value to my life. I want to concentrate on those things that will enrich me spiritually and help me to grow into the purposeful, loving, fruitful parent, wife, sister, daughter and friend that God has created me to be.

couple of years back I’ve listened to a sermon titled The Butterfly transformation. And basically it spoke of how we go through this bumpy process throughout our lifetime. Just like the caterpillar we thought that the uncomfortable ugly state that we were in was permanent.Caterpillars do not stay in this stage very long. Until this one day when everything around us stand still for a bit and we transform into this enhanced beautiful being. We are literally stunned about this improved self that is reflected in the mirror. Spiritually and physically we have grown which makes us feel content and loved. I think we all should strive and anticipate for that day. Butterflies are one of God’s prettiest creatures. Like tiny stained-glass windows fluttering around, they share a similar growth cycle to that of each of us.

All of us in one time or another go through a transformation and become a new person. Though this transformation might take time and be painful, the end result is worth it. A butterfly goes through four stages of growth to emerge as a beautiful creature.

The first stage is as an egg; we start our growth out as tiny eggs, fragile and delicate. Needing protection and nourishment for growth, though people show hard exteriors and put up shields, when we pray and believe in the Lord we come under his guidance and protection until we mature.


The second stage is as a caterpillar; when we hatch out of our eggs we aren’t butterflies yet but a caterpillar. Slowly moving and always eating. This is similar to your life, we start our journey with God slowly but are constantly fed, parts of our lifestyle become hard to digest and as such we get rid of old habits, friends, places that hinder our growth just as a caterpillar outgrows its skin.

The third stage is as a cocoon; in this stage the caterpillar has reached its total growth. They build a protective shell to prepare for the next stage of life. This in our lives is when God fills up the missing pieces we lost when we shed our old ways and replaces with his love, grace, comfort, strength. In our cocoons we need to be ready to do the work he has prepare for us to do.

The fourth and final stage is a butterfly, the transformation from a ground, slow moving caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly is complete.

When the butterfly first emerges it is not use to its wings and different shape and probably does not know it can fly right away. But once it realizes its true potential and capabilities, it takes off and flies around.

Scientists have approximated 28,000 species of butterflies around the world, each one uniquely designed and as it says in the Bible “fearfully and wonderfully made” just as we too are uniquely designed.

There is no need to desire someone else’s life when God has prepared a purpose for each of us. And by his timing he will guide us through all stages of life.

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