Perfecting the art of Card making

It is late in the afternoon when mom-in-law asked me to make a birthday card for a friend that turned 70 and the party is to be that evening. Now if you a softy like me, you would also have said, “ya sure no problem”. Only to realize afterwards that it’s actually short notice and … Continue reading Perfecting the art of Card making

A place called Arniston

The visual beauty of this place called Arniston is beyond pleasure for my eyes. Let me tell you more about this unspoiled village with it's rugged coastline which has been sculpted into dramatic contours, overhangs and caves. I'm dedicating this post to my dear friend (HW), who believes that Arniston is boring and way too … Continue reading A place called Arniston

2016, a New year with mixed emo’s

New years I’ve entered the New Year on a high note. Done the honorable gesture and also what my soul longed for, we went to church. I’ve enjoyed it to the fullest. Church was awesome. I felt that we are so fortunate to see the New Year that it should really be celebrated until the … Continue reading 2016, a New year with mixed emo’s