Perfecting the art of Card making

It is late in the afternoon when mom-in-law asked me to make a birthday card for a friend that turned 70 and the party is to be that evening. Now if you a softy like me, you would also have said, “ya sure no problem”. Only to realize afterwards that it’s actually short notice and being behind the desk since 7:30 the morning has drained all creative juices from ones brain by the afternoon. Nevertheless, I can do this.

So I quickly check what I have in my “Chanty’s Cosmos” folder that I can use to start designing the birthday card. This is what I love about doing this. The moment I see all my pictures of previous projects I’ve worked on, the spark is instantaneously back. The tiredness of a moment before is all gone.

I start by choosing a color scheme keeping in mind what accessories I have in stock that will match with the card. I find some bright coral and pink fabric daisies and darker shades of pink leaves. I’ve also got some lime green splashed with silver glitter butterflies and white washed mini pegs. A very important step in designing any type of card is choosing the suitable cardboard and paper.


It’s imperative that I take into consideration the thickness and the texture of the paper and board for printing and cutting purposes. It is wise to invest in a quality guillotine for cutting straighter lines; there is nothing more untidy than skew lines where straight was expected or uneven edges where not wanted. Now to search for the perfect template to compliment the whole story. I like to use a picture/clip-art for the cover of the card that has some connection with the accessories I’m using. For example if my clip has flowers or a garden in it, I would make use of butterflies or bows to decorate it. I also like to incorporate the age number where appropriate.

Now that I know what paper and accessories I’m going to use, its time to gather my material and stationary.
You will need: 

card2                  card1

  • A sharp pencil
  • A steel ruler
  • Double sided tape
  • Bostik glue stick
  • Sharp guillotine
  • Paper/Board
  • Scissors
  • Laptop and printer
  • Cell phone (for the occasional selfie while I’m busy being creativewink & heart
  • Accessories (glitter, sticker, butterflies, flowers, shells, ribbon etc.)

I love to think that being creative does not have any rules. I can think freely and use my imagination. That’s what makes for great designs. Think out of the box; not being conformed to what I’ve already seen.

I’ve learned that the Bostik glue stick work much neater than a glue gun which tend to ooze out way after you’ve stopped pressing the trigger. Plus it gets quite hot which can burn.
Having a designated space in your house makes the time you spend on card making more pleasurable. It can take hours for you to get up from that chair once you start designing, so the layout might as well be for your convenience.
I make it my happy place Chantelle-designstyle-love-heart-mMy ‘exhale moments’.


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