How he must love me – a Poem by Chanty

My Savior loved me back to wholeness. My dearest soul-mate loved me back to completeness.

Standing on the edge of a cliff, feeling the wind on my skin, I stand in owe of his great love.

Gently, softly loving me. Gently, softly embracing me home,

The clouds wave by swiftly by the winds, sun rays breaking through just slightly,

The truth has set me free; the truth has brought me this deep, deep pain

Who is this strong and caring giant, how did he get to become this divine being?

He says my name and my heart sinks out of guilt for breaking him like I did

He holds up my head, picked me up, how did he get to become this rescuer that he is

I don’t deserve his grace, I don’t deserve his forgiveness

Yet it was given freely without doubt, freely without conditions

In a wink his love embraced me, covered me from shame, protecting me from breaking down

Unconditionally he accepted me back in his arms, his mind, his thoughts influenced by the Great I am

With tears trickling down my cheeks and down my neck I stand weak, crippled by sin

He lays his hands upon my head, pleading with God to wash these dark clouds away

How deep his love must be, how rooted in Christ and in Grace

He has become an image of the Savior, his love has restored me

God’s love, God’s grace has lifted my head

God has influenced his thoughts and infused him with Grace and mercy in abundance

As the soft summer rain falls down cleansing the ground of debris

So my soul is being purified from the fragments of a shattered mortal

He made me whole; His grace has refreshed my soul

I am his; only his for now and forever more, I will declare it in heaven and on earth

My life and all that I am belongs to Him and him alone

The pain is subsiding but if it creeps back, his arms are there for me and I can rest in his grace

He wipes away my tears and delicately kisses me on my crown, reassuring me of his endless support

How did he become this marvelous gentleman, how did he become my peace in the middle of this storm

When our core was attacked he stood tall like the Palm tree in a thunder storm, bended but stronger than ever afterwards.

How he must love me


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