Bruised but not broken.

I’m listening to Adele25 and have been for the past month. I love the lyrics not to talk about this woman’s voice. She sings of failed relationships, forbidden loves and just surviving life’s hardships.

I’m wondering if she actually experienced all these emotions or if she just did her research really well to accurately describe ones feelings like she does in her songs. It’s wonderful I think; she’s brave. At some point in our lives we all go through heart aches and pain due to unsuccessful relationships or bad life experiences but somehow we pick up our mess and march forward. We all make mistakes and fall flat on our face, but we got to stand up. We have to be strong and face the world with boldness.  I’ve got some experience of a friendship that turned bad. I always think that if it wasn’t for my love to write about my fears, dreams and everything I wouldn’t have been able to handle it very well. Even writing it down was extremely difficult. Made me appreciate and respect the power of the written word more. Whether I’m writing in the quiet of the night or with Adele’s voice in the background the feeling that I got was of great relief that’s been released into the air. I had a lump in my throat most of the time but releasing it was more important to me at that point.

Adele makes me realize that I’m not weird to have this urge inside of me to write about the daily challenges and achievements that life throws at us. I know that pressed feeling you get when you’ve got all these feelings inside of your heart and mind. The feeling that makes your fingers roll over the keyboard of your laptop like its running a race against time or as if you going to forget vital moments of your life. Or grabbing a pen and notebook… I love the feeling writing gives me when I’m done with a line or article; “the exhale” I like to call it. Everything that I’m feeling gets pounded on paper with fingers that tap-tap. I guess its terrifying for most to tell their story withholding nothing. It is a scary place, but once you’ve come out of the closet you step into the light and feel braver than ever.

It gives me a sense of relief; it’s my kind of therapy. I feel nothing but contentment at this place where I can just sit and ponder and write.

Last year was a tough year for me. I would often get anxious; more than before. Attacks  would come for no reason at all and other times because I’m totally stressed to the point where I felt like crawling underneath my desk and just staying there until the feelings gone and I can breathe again. I often felt like hibernating, hiding from everyone and everything. I can proudly say that I’ve only felt that way once this year. This means that I’ve found a way to handle it all. I’m a work in progress. There should surely be someone like Adele who has the gift to think of lyrics that defines such people effortlessly. I seriously think she should get a medal for being an awesome artist and for surviving the stormy seas. Life hurts, and if you not humble…Life will teach you how to be humble. So let this be our lesson in love as Adele said. Let us let go of the hurt and sing Adele songs from the top of our lungs. There after you can stand strong and sing “I will survive”.



2 thoughts on “Bruised but not broken.

  1. Adele is very popular isn’t she? I wonder if she realizes how blessed she is to have the voice and the words that bless on to her fans.

    I also like the anthem: “I will survive.” by Gloria Gaynor.

    We can and more often than not…surely do!

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