Simply devine

08 April 2016

I’ve been singing along to Adele most of the morning. After having her CD on repeat listening to each song about 10 times, I started to feel a bit morbid. So I go through my playlist and click on Simply Red. Like clearing skies on a cool yet promising sunny morning my spirits are lifted and I feel content under the hypnotic smooth sound of Mick Hucknall, the lead singer of Simply Red. “Never never love, will never be enough.” He too sings of love and life contradicting to his personal life where it’s said that he slept with over 1000 woman and comes from a broken home. His mom left him and his dad when he was only three years of age. This probably explains why he struggles with the thought of getting married. It’s a pity the band had dissolved in 2010 because I think they had that magical spark that leaves their fans with an awesomely mellow smile on the face and a warm fuzzy feeling. Such a nice feeling. I’m thinking back to my early twenties and remember listening to Simply red. How I loved it way back then already. There was this one song that used to be on the DJ’s list at the clubs in those years…yep that’s how cool they were back then.

Today is just one of those days where I’ve had enough of this week. It’s Friday and I can’t wait to get home and into my sweatpants, relaxing with a cup of Chai latte and my laptop. I guess we all find ourselves in this space at least a couple of times in a month. But unfortunately the hustle never stops. I plan on having an easy weekend except for having mom & sister in law over for lunch on Sunday, which should be fairly relaxing too but as I know myself by now… I will probably be stepping on my own toes with each step. Like hubby said; whenever we have visitors over he tends to be as busy as I am (which is how it’s supposed to be by the way!).

Soooo…last weekend we had my baby sis’s engagement party and I got to play décor person again. My absolute happy place!! People, I have to tell you that being in that space is my all-time favorite dream job and I’m buzzing with excitement each time I get an opportunity to live out my passion. I did a “White party” theme and we had loads of fun with everyone dressing up in white and all the white decorations. I tend to overdo it a bit when it comes to purchasing decorations like the time I did my daughters Mickey Mouse 2nd birthday party. All the black and white dots got me quite dizzy at the end of the day…lol. This time was quite nice though, very simplistic yet festive. The white mixed with golds and silver here and there gave a classic and exquisite feel to the courtyard. I used square mirrors as a cupcake stand; using the square vases I bought for another party last year as the pillars. It looked absolutely gorgeous I must say. Gold and white helium balloons did a sway-sway dance in the light afternoon breeze and white paper lanterns were hanging happily in the air. The white roses looked stunning above the green leaves in the clear glass vases I’ve arranged them in. All and all we had fun and sis and her soon to be husband was over the moon.

Just bringing me to another thought I’m having just now. I’m so blessed with a family that supports me and all my hobbies. They allow me to express myself by serving them. They have total confidence that I will provide them with satisfaction and happiness each time. The time I was doing my diploma in hairdressing my whole family supported me…they permitted me to do all kinds of hair treatments and hair cuts for them. I love doing hair!! When I discovered my love for designing Wedding cards and invitations they were there to encourage and compliment my work. My passion for events décor was welcomed and a few of them even lends a helping hand whenever there were events. I absolutely love being creative and I pray that God will help me to make my dream of doing this on a full time basis a reality. I am so blessed. God really loves me people and that’s an awesome feeling!

Aaah…exhale = happy place #feelingblessed#highlyfavored#servanthood#Godgiventalent#passion

Love Chanty

2 thoughts on “Simply devine

  1. You sound happy, which I believe to be a byproduct of doing and loving all your mentioned favorite hobbies and such.

    Like you, I appreciate family. What a blessing to know they love and support you unconditionally.

    No wonder you sing!

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