My pigeon pair, their dado and mama

And all of a sudden we need date nights.
I never thought that this would be necessary but lately me and boo never get a chance to interact on the level that we should be and use to earlier in our marriage. It is obvious and it was expected that our circumstances would change since we had our two precious bundles of joys. We love every moment that we spend with them and we never thought for one moment that it should be any different. We as parents never anticipated that we would want anything else than to just be with our pigeon pair all the time. Since we hardly ever have quiet time for a decent conversation with each other nowadays; without being interrupted by a crying toddler or toddlers squabbling we seriously had to consider date nights.
My boy is 12 years old and my girl is 4. They are the most adorable kids anyone could be blessed with. Each with their own personalities but also very alike in certain ways. Chandler is mature when it comes to caring for his sister but also playful and comical. Chyler-leigh is a cute bundle of bouncy-witty-active-pink marshmellowy-sweet-delightful-lovable-chatterbox girly compressed in one fragile little body. She draws everyone’s attention and don’t take no for an answer. She has her dad wrapped around her pinkie and he’s got the biggest softest spot for his little angle. No need to mention how very strong their bond is. The four of us is quite a bit all up in each others spaces most of the time, but we never had a problem with that…we love being close to our kids all the time.
Recently our son stepped into a new phase. He is becoming a strong opinionated intelligent young boy. He prefers to stay alone at home most of the times when we go grocery shopping and his love for speed racing is developing quickly. Instead of watching cartoons all the time like before, he now watches programs like Top Gear, Kitchen Boss and Need for speed. I can literally see how he is transforming from being a child to being a teenager. Lucky for me there is days when my boy just want to be his mommy’s little boy and I love it. He will then cuddle and kiss me wanting hugs and squeezes.
In the process of being parents my husband and I seemed to have lost touch with being the “girl and boy” that used to be lovesick over each other a couple of moons back. You don’t realize when it happened, you never looked at it in that way but one day you just find yourself with spaces between each other. You seemed to have lost touch with the reason why this family exists. There is no one person to be blamed for this emotional complexity that has formed, but it’s extremely important that we acknowledge the condition we found ourselves in so that it can be addressed. I think I can speak for most women if I say that men don’t find it utterly alarming when we point out that the gap between “us” is getting bigger and bigger. It’s so important that we don’t ignore this growing fungus because if we don’t tend to it, it can cause serious mayhem for what we hold so precious and dear to our hearts.
So now we arrange special evenings away from home for just the two of us because for our family in its entirety to be strong it has to start with the two people that started it all. We’ve learned that children are vulnerable and a single shattering moment can change our lives forever. I want to encourage you to make God the foundation on which you build your household and to tend to your spouse’s needs as a person with his own unique dreams and visions that needs upliftment from his partner to excel. And vice versa for sure. The fragility of life is something that should not be taken lightly. Make time for each other, embrace, cuddle and just enjoy the one who makes you whole. Not just because he’s the dado of your kido’s, but because he’s the boo who knocked your socks off when you were dating.

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