South African Bloggers – We Blog for Love

via South African Bloggers – We Blog for Love

Pretty useful site. I wonder if everyone else is going through the same emotions when it comes to learning new things. When I first started blogging last year I felt utterly incompetent and unfamiliar with my new surroundings. And every time I kinda bump into new facets and tricks I get this whirl wind starting in the center of my belly…excited for what this new gadget can teach me. I’m still moving forward with out stretched arms and wide open eyes, touching, feeling and embracing all that I can to get up to date with now. Today I feel comfortable thinking that I know what I’m doing but tomorrow I’ll be thinking “oh golly…I don’t think I should’ve said that or how da hell do I get that to work for me??” Giving myself a pat on the head I tell myself “don’t worry, you’ll get there.”

Still, I love blogging.


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