The people we meet on our path

A wise ex colleague of mine loved to share this piece of encouragement with me as soon as we got into a conversation and each time he repeated it, it was like he has never told it to me before. Each time he was so excited to explain to me how to apply it to my life. I’m grateful that every time he did that, I listened and absorbed it. On the day he resigned due to external reasons, he mailed our department a goodbye message and guess how he ends it? Yep, with that same words he so loved to share.

“Finally I would like to leave you with the following concepts of living:

  • If your ENCOURAGING  is high, your  COMPLAINING is low
  • If your FORGIVING  is high, your level of CRITICIZING is low
  • If you are part of SOLUTION SEEKING is high, your FAULT FINDING is low
  • If your  SUPPORT is high, your  EXCUSES are low
  • If your PRAYING is high, your  NEGATIVE  TALKING/BAD MOUTHING  is low.
  • If your REMEMBRANCE OF GOOD THING/ WHEN THINGS WORKED OUT are high, your  REFERENCE TO BAD SITUATIONS/ WHEN THINGS NOT WORKING OUT is low.” (extracted from the original email)

This is such a coincidence, as I’m busy editing my heading for this post my phone rings. The identity number doesn’t show who it is so I know the call is external. First I thought it must be my husband but then I hear a very familiar motherly voice on the other side. Immediately a smile forms around my mouth and I kinda “exhale”:-)” Hello aunty Nonnie” I say. She is the lady that used to clean the offices I’m based at. Aunty Nonnie is such a sweet caring lady and I really miss her. She hasn’t been at our company for a couple of months yet she always gave me a call. We use to catch up each morning over coffee or she would clean all the other spaces and leave my office for last just to have ample time to chat. Aaah, I miss her and our chats so much.

When I close my eyes for a bit, I can think of a couple of more people I’ve met over these years that has impacted my life in such a big way. More than I’ve ever let them believe when they were around. Thank God that I had that opportunity to sow into their lives as they did into mine.

Love Chanty



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