Just be happy


Do you sometimes get so busy with life and all it’s rigamaroles that you forget to be happy? I mean really happy…not just smiling or laughing because someone made a joke, but really happy. How often do we get so caught up in the complexities of life that we ignore the fact that we not all that well inside of our souls. More and more I’m starting to think about the quality of my happiness. My family gives me joy, they complete me. As all mothers are, their kids and their husbands’ needs is always top priority no matter the discomfort it may cause. She will fight with bare fists if necessary to keep them happy. Sadly her own needs are often pushed aside out of own will. But do you know what? Sometimes mommy has to think about mommy for a change. In actual fact if mommy wants to be at her best for her family she will hastily have to start looking after herself.

When last did you just switch off and rest. Rest your mind, rest your soul, rest your whole being. A survey done by Katrina of the Working moms break website (http://www.workingmomsbreak.com/2011/06/20/survey-working-parents-health-problems/) has showed that 88% of parents(mainly moms) are suffering from various health problems due to stress.

This is what was found:

  • 80% catch up on work nights and weekends
  • 81% worry they will burn out
  • 88% said they suffer from at least one stress-related health problem since becoming a working parent
  • 59% have problems with anxiety
  • 43% struggle with depression

Now, can you tell me how any one can even pretend to be happy with all this going on? There is so much more that influence a persons happiness when you are working parents that it would take a 100 page book to elaborate. But crux of the matter is we need to make time for ourselves. We have all these picture perfect dreams to live up to that we are putting so much pressure on ourselves and our partners that it just makes us unhappy people. C’mon now…don’t do that to yourself. Take a break and be happy.

Sing and dance in the rain. Eat heap spoons full of ice cream. Stuff your mouth with double cream chocolate eclairs:-) Whatever makes you happy…just do it!

Love you, Love me Chanty xoxo




9 thoughts on “Just be happy

    1. Hi Shandra, Lately I’m so aware of my inner happiness or rather unhappiness, to the point that I want to isolate myself and search my soul to reconstruct my mind to think otherwise. I guess it comes with reaching a certain age that a woman just needs to find herself again after focusing on everything and everyone else than her own being. All of us warrior women are like that, that’s how we are build…then there comes a day that we must just remind each other to love ourselves enough to be happy. Love you, Love me:-)

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