Sharpening my writing skills

Hey there!

I’ve been reading up on improving my writing skills here and there and everywhere for the plain reason that I don’t want to be caught making silly mistakes that could land me into trouble. For example, Grammar usage, spelling errors, plagiarism etc.

Today I’ve stumbled upon this great article by Diana Nadin, the Director of Studies at The Writers Bureau who offers long distance courses in Freelance writing. This amazing woman has been so good to give us permission to share her Ten top tips for Proofreading and editing on social networks. I have to tell you that I have learned so much in an hour of reading and just contemplating about what she has shared in her posts. It was truly a light bulb moment for a “new-comer” like me. By the way, The Writers Bureau opened doors in January 1989, making them the largest college of its kind in the UK.

Okay, let me tell you what I’ve learned or what I’ve been reminded of.

Make sure you know the difference between Proofreading and editing. Diana said that Editing comes before Proofreading. So after you’ve written your piece you would want to make sure that it’s structured properly and that it’s factual correct. Then you’d check up on your grammar and spelling errors. Wow, she is so great. Diana has mentioned some great books and blogs where you can develop a good knowledge of grammar and spelling.

Point number five was an eyebrow raiser for me. She advised that even before you start editing and proofreading you should let the piece sit for a while. A novel you can leave for about six weeks and a blog post overnight. It makes total sense to me that you would want your article to sit a bit because your insight might change.

Vary the structure and length of your sentences. I think I really have to watch out for this common mistake. I tend to have a very long sentence just because I don’t want to lose the momentum of the point I want to bring across. This can lead to you losing the plot between the start and full stop of the line.

Well, enough about my experience. You should really just go read and browse around on The Writers Bureau’s website to find all the things I know you will love so much just like me.

Here’s to a writing career that is full of interesting surprises and which are free of grammar and spelling errors. May we never stop writing; may we never stop improving.

Click on the link below.


Love Chanty

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