I’m brand new…

46f63ade6497ceb0dcaea51747de6812 You just know you have reached a wonderfully, gorgeous stage of satisfaction in your life when you can confidently say “I’m weird and wonderful and it doesn’t bother me what others think or say about it.” It’s true, you have reached a dangerous level of freedom when you truly don’t care what others think of you.

When you’ve lived your life in slavery mode for a very long time, always thinking what others will think of you, you will not be able to comprehend the tremendous feeling of relief when you finally let go. I’ve reached that oh so liberating “IDGAF” stage and it  feels great:-) Not many people will like it, but…guess what? I don’t care. Does this sound insensitive or mean? Guess again…I don’t care; laughing out loud!!! Women live their lives for the people around them and they loved doing it. Every bit of nurturing, caring and helping is their pride and joy. They are always considering, excusing, depriving and denying themselves for the sake of everyone else but themselves.  Everything has a due date and at this point that expire date has arrived. I’m free. I’m wild. I’m fearless!!

Your confidence level at this point is at 110%. You are aware of your abilities, your strengths, your purpose, your talents and you own it. Those around you can see it, they can feel your power and they want to touch it. Because you are content… at peace with yourself all that comes from your lips are intense truths. You can finally say what comes from the soul. Everyone stares and admires the new you. You have conquered the battles of years past and you’re standing victorious over looking your accomplishments. e7cd170fa5d3258128914049a8f20087 Alicia Keys is in the spot light at the moment for  the decision she made to go bare faced and all natural with her hair and face. She is dangerously free!! She produced a single “A Brand new kinda me” in 2012. It’s all about personal growth and becoming a brand new version of yourself and being completely happy being her own truth. It has an overwhelming message of the self-empowered and independent woman she has become. ‘I don’t want to cover up anymore,’ she wrote in her Lenny Letter essay. ‘Not my face, not my mind, not my soul, not my thoughts, not my dreams, not my struggles, not my emotional growth. Nothing.’ WOW!!!!!!



I love you…Chanty


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