All she wants for Christmas – a Poem by Chanty

All she wants for Christmas How cruel, how mean this year has been How sad, how mad this year has turned All she wants for Christmas is him Can she have her innocence back for Christmas? For it was stolen from her bit by bit this year Can she have her sanity back for Christmas? … Continue reading All she wants for Christmas – a Poem by Chanty

Don’t Doubt Your Resilience

Thank you fellow blogger. Its for this reason we go through pain and challenging experiences. To encourage and motivate each other to go ahead and Breathe:-)
Love Chanty

Read Between The Lyme

My school community was turned upside down this past week due to a tragic accident involving several of our current students. Two students died and one student is in critical condition and still hospitalized after a week of surgeries. One student and the drivers of both vehicles involved were uninjured.

This kind of event makes us all slow down and reflect. We ask ourselves all kinds of “what ifs” and we replay many things and moments in our heads. I hope it makes me more compassionate and understanding of all of my students as well as others in general. The student who survived this horrible accident is actually one of my students. We are navigating this new terrain day by day, and I’m amazed by his courage.

I found the quote below stored in my Color Note app from few years ago this past weekend. These words really spoke to…

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What a year…2016

This is my anniversary month at WordPress!! And wow! What a year it has been. Joyous moments...victorious moments...sad moments...heartbreaking moments. It just kept rolling in but by His grace I'm still standing. Today I'm taking a moment to reflect on the past months and for the first time in a while I'm getting time to … Continue reading What a year…2016