What a year…2016


This is my anniversary month at WordPress!! And wow! What a year it has been.

Joyous moments…victorious moments…sad moments…heartbreaking moments. It just kept rolling in but by His grace I’m still standing. Today I’m taking a moment to reflect on the past months and for the first time in a while I’m getting time to gather my thoughts and capture it on my beloved platform. You know that moment when you sit down after going through a storm in your life and think to yourself…”How in the world did I make it, how did I manage to get through this?” That’s where I find myself right now. It’s just amazing how you get strength at a time when everything seems to go haywire. It can only be Divine intervention that could have carried me through.

We had the wedding of my baby sister two weeks ago and what a wonderful celebration it was. Our family went through all the excitement and happiness that such an occasion could bring. A beautiful ceremony, a gorgeous couple, a stunning venue and awesome dining that continued into the night with everyone dancing joyfully.

One week after the wedding we lost the youngest member of our family by a car accident. Only three years old, he passed away on the scene of the accident. We were all blown away by the sudden departure of such a loved beautiful boy. Our hearts are shattered and I can’t help to think that nothing will be able to fill this void and brokenness that occurred two weeks before Christmas. It still feels so unreal to be left with this sad big hole in my heart. There is no words that can even begin to describe the pain we feel with his parents. There is absolutely nothing we can do to make this day start over…there is no way we can turn back the hands of time.


What do I want for Christmas? All I want is to have Liam back! I want this past week to have been a bad dream. I lost my grandma six months ago but we had peace knowing she lived her life to the fullest. Liam was only 3 years old compare to Gran’s 81 years. We still need him, we didn’t have enough time with him. My question this morning is “How do we go on? Why did this happen? He was happy, he was loved.” We had no control, we were helpless. Strange how God works…at times like this we have a lot of unanswered questions. We are going to have a sad holiday season, but we have to move on, go forward even if it is without him.

Once again we are reminded to cherish the time we get with our loved ones. Live our lives to the fullest, enjoy every moment you are granted. And leave lasting beautiful memories. liam-designstyle-love-heart-m

Love Chanty


4 thoughts on “What a year…2016

  1. Oh dear! I’m so sorry about Liam’s passing. It’s simply heartbreaking when a young one’s die. No words can capture the pain it must be for your family. I pray that you all find the strength and Grace to get through this difficult time.

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