Your borders has been “breached”


I’m so thankful for the way the Lord always finds a way to connect with me even when I’m distant from Him at times. The bible verse “He will never leave you, nor forsake you” just got new meaning for me and teaches me that He surely is not a man that He would lie. That is confirmation that I’m gaining knowledge and wisdom on my journey. He makes me face my own inconvenient truth just as I’m ready to accept it…”my eie ongemaklike waarheid” in Afrikaans; my mother tongue. Then He helps me to ease into a new level of self like only He can.

My motto for this new year is ‘Protecting my peace, No more drama.’ This year I plan to intentionally stay away from unnecessary drama and to protect my heart from any disturbances caused by the enemy.

Before I can reach that point, there is some inconvenient truths that I need to face and to point me into the right direction God shows me a post of a beautiful lady who makes herself available to be used by the Holy Spirit in such a wonderful way. And right there I’m having an ‘AHA moment’. That’s what I need to do! That is what was going to complete this course. I can see it clearly now. Somewhere else I’ve read that, “Imperfect progress is small steps of progress wrapped in Grace.” I am imperfect, I’m flawed but by His Grace I’m able to take small steps to become the person that God intended for me to be. And now I realize that I’m not breaking down… I’m actually breaking through!

Listen to this. “Not only should you bless your new home, you may need to have your existing home blessed as a part of your new year “reset”. If you’ve experienced discord, disharmony, turmoil, illness, marital or financial adversity, ill will, bickering or infighting, have your home blessed. Your borders have been “breached”. Blessing your home can re-establish God as head of your household, and cleanse former chaos from your home. You can rededicate it to it’s original purpose of sanctuary, shelter, love and peace for the family. You can prepare the space and set the tone for blessings, harmony and only goodwill to come to your doors and inhabit your space. You must pledge to uphold your duty to take the utmost care of the home that God provided for you and it will do the same to you. Your home is a sacred space and has a heart and soul. It will not just shelter you, but it will love you and shield you from the storms of life.”

It’s so amazing how God works. This new years day I got to see the sun rise, something that I totally wanted to do last year but never did. This year we celebrated with family until 4 in the morning and after that Peter stayed up with me as we waited until the breaking of dawn. It was beautiful. It was the beginning of a new year, a brand new chapter. I was so blessed to be able to soak up the new day sun rays with my person right by my side.

I’ve been reading on Facebook all the stories of challenges that some of my friends went through in 2016. Then I asked my Peter, ‘Did we also go through stuff like everyone else went through this year because it didn’t feel that way?’ and he said. Wife…God has kept us…He was graceful to us. We went through challenges but He kept us…when you thought you were fighting alone He was with you all the time. Yep we went through tough times as a couple and yes we went through very sad times as a family but God kept us.

The song on the radio as we were on our way home on New years morning plays and I sang along softly; “He was there all the time, waiting patiently in line, He was there all the time.”

The scripture reading our Pastor read to us on New years eve came from 2 Chronicles 20 v 17.’17 Ye shall not need to fight in this battle: set yourselves, stand ye still, and see the salvation of the Lord with you, O Judah and Jerusalem: fear not, nor be dismayed; to morrow go out against them: for the Lord will be with you.’ – KJV. So as you begin this new year and your boundaries was breached for one or other reason in 2016, I encourage you to reset the atmosphere, the aroma and the sweet presence by having your ho;me Blessed and re-committed to the Great I am.

Love Chanty

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