The power of forgiveness

the-beauty-is-in-the-brokeness Have you ever been in a position where you constantly beat yourselves up for that one mistake you’ve made months or even years ago? We think about it constantly allowing it to consume every thought we have with an internal critical voice. Since that actions is against our morals and values it creates extreme guilt and shameful feelings. Your belief that you were a fundamentally good person was shattered. The time has come for us to forgive ourselves. You’ve been forgiven by God. He has never stopped loving you even while you were weak and rebellious. Now it’s up to you to start loving yourself again and stop the beating.

Sometimes we feel so unworthy, especially after we failed God. We feel that no amount of remorse can dismiss the action that we’ve done. We are being so hard on ourselves. I want to remind someone today that we are human…flawed human beings that are not supposed to be perfect anyway. Just the fact that you are on this earth is Gods way of telling you that YOU matter and that you have an indispensable contribution to make to this world. And since your contribution is so vital, no situation can hinder you from achieving your God given purpose. God Himself gives us the resources to overcome pain and to heal from hurtful experiences. Forgiveness is one of those resources.

Forgiveness means not merely forgiving the person who hurt us, but forgiving ourselves, forgiving God, forgiving even life itself with all its bizarre and often cruel twists and turns. Forgiveness is also letting go and building the confidence necessary to experience healthy and positive growth. It is declaring that you will no longer remain locked in the past as a victim of circumstances; that you will no longer perpetuate negative life-patterns through blame and anger; that you will instead access the strength and love that God gives you day by day, moment by moment in order to fulfill the unique and singular purpose for which you and only you were created.

If you can get yourself to “acceptance” then you already moving forward. But it won’t come until you embrace that “this is where I am”, “this is what happened”, “and this is my truth”. You cannot dismiss the acceptance part. It’s not until you can “own it”, no matter how bad or messy it might be, that things can change for you. God needs us to signal him that we know where we are, that we accept responsibility, that we’ve learned our lesson and that we realize we need HIM to get us through. That’s when you are starting to heal.

God said…”you made it through. You survived the worst of times. You should have lost your mind. Satan shot his best shot at you and yet you’re still standing. You may have fewer friends right now but you have more of Me…and I AM not done with you yet. You are a work in progress. I’m going to use your setback as a beautiful comeback and your enemies will be surprised. They have watched you fall, now they will see you rise” Unknown

Cut yourself some slack and move towards self-love.  Your life is your message to the world, make sure it’s inspiring. Remember you can’t be an inspiration if you have no experience of how hard life can be. I’ve found that often the most valuable and most beautiful testimonies come from a place of total brokenness.

Be the happiest, healthiest version of yourself.

Love you, love me Chanty




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