Good morning sunshine

It's a beautiful sunny morning in Melkbosstrand. The birds are singing and the flowers are blooming. Everything looks fresh and alive. As I started my day I realized how amazingly blessed I am. I'm sitting at my desk and selects my playlist for the day... some beats of Alicia Keys to put some funk into … Continue reading Good morning sunshine

Just A Thought…

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So the World celebrated The International Women’s Day yesterday – which is a good thing, don’t get me wrong – but, what happens today?

Do we go back to the shadows where women are beaten, downtrodden, objectified, maligned et cetera, et cetera?

Yesterday, this thought played in my mind all day.

The thought played in my mind that right as we speak, there’s a woman somewhere being raped, pummelled into the ground from manly fists, railroaded into sexual slavery and all unsavoury thoughts you can think of.

I am tired of societies false platitudes and putting band-aids on sore wounds.

We as a people must continue to raise strong women. Women who rise above adversity to say no. Women who call bullshit what it is.  Women who know themselves and love themselves. Women who would make a difference to their progeny and generations to come…

This is not about 1…

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A damned mate – a poem by Chanty

Feeling emotionally drained and hurt after reading the newspaper or news feed on Facebook is becoming a regularity for me. I was totally disgusted and saddened by the violence and abuse against yet another woman in a nearby township. How can we tolerate this kind of obscenities? How can we not raise our voices? I … Continue reading A damned mate – a poem by Chanty