Good morning sunshine


It’s a beautiful sunny morning in Melkbosstrand. The birds are singing and the flowers are blooming. Everything looks fresh and alive. As I started my day I realized how amazingly blessed I am. I’m sitting at my desk and selects my playlist for the day… some beats of Alicia Keys to put some funk into my morning. Her album “Here” just gives me that “brave badass girl” kinda feeling. She’s just such a strong woman, doing for herself what makes her happy. Saying it like it is…being brutally honest. One love! I’m blessed in the sense that my place of work is situated between the big blue ocean and a few hectares of luscious green nature reserve. If I look outside of my office window I have a view of the waves coming in and out and sometimes late afternoon the sea looks like a flat mirror reflecting the blue blue sky. That’s where I have my afternoon tea…right at that window. On the other side lies open grassy fields with zebra’s, springboks, elands, gemsbuks and a thriving bird-life just gazing freely and being happy. We also have a few species of snakes!! Yes snakes!

Image result for eland buck at Koeberg Nature reserve right: Eland bucks & Springbok on belowImage result for eland at Koeberg  nature reserveImage result for eland at Koeberg  nature reserve

Image result for scenes at Koeberg nature reserve

The power station is situated on the nature reserve itself which makes me feel like doing a few kilometers of hiking instead of working each day I get to work. Quite a few hiking trails are outlined for runners/walkers and if you’re a avid mountain biker then you will surely enjoy the safe and tranquil trails of this reserve. Security is tightly monitored due to the nature of the business side of the reserve. But all in all this is a great place for family to have a peaceful ride on weekends.

Related image  Right: A family on their bikes watching a family of zebras also taking their morning stroll.

A real stunner on a beautiful day as today. There’s days that I find the 45 minute drive to my work place a wee bit arduous…but on most days especially days as today…I appreciate and admire the natural beauty of my work surroundings.

Image result for scenes at Koeberg from beach to nature reserve

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