Take a moment to breathe…Langezandt fishermans village

Langezandt sunset
Sunset at Langezandt fishermans village (source: website)

At times I’m left speechless at the curve-balls that we’re faced with so unexpectedly in our lives. As I’m reflecting on my life I am experiencing how God led me gently towards every emotional growth path possible that He knew was best for me. I’m exiting this phase with intensity in my soul that only God could orchestrate.

No one can interfere with my spiritual growth and what I have to undergo to spearhead into my purpose. Although He uses people on our paths and sometimes strangers to complete His work, they don’t have the power to alter His thoughts about us. In a previous post I mentioned here that God helps us to face our own inconvenient truths; some of the things we are having trouble to accept. For instance the reality that I like to be in control of things happening around me. I’ve been going about doing life according to my own plans not always consulting God. This in turn led to confusion, wrong decisions, and unnecessary drama. So as I’m standing here at the exit point of this wonderfully troubled season of my journey I’m expecting great spiritual enrichment. I’m expectant of elevation to a level of great intimacy with my Father and a closer walk with the Holy Spirit in a more intense connection than ever before. I’m an always evolving being…meaning I’m always growing, always learning new ways. Always in the process of transforming into being a better version of myself.
This is just amazing. It just so happened that my dear sister-in-law booked a little family breakaway for all of us to the ever so peaceful serenity of Langezandt fisherman’s village. This resorts’ main focus is to give their visitors the luxury of peace, quiet and the most serene atmosphere ever. I’m truly in awe of the coincidence that the destination has on what we privately need so much. God loves spoiling us this way. This is absolutely such an amazing place to refresh your mind and soul. The owners envisioned that this is the ideal setting for guest and tourist to reflect and appreciate the Great I Am. They even suggested that visitors could make use of a selected area they refer to as the “Prayer Park” in the near future to pray for their land. Situated just a few kilometers away from the Southern most tip of Africa placing us at the foot of it all.

Southern Most Tip of Africa (picture source: P Adonis)

How wonderful it was for us to relax in such a peaceful atmosphere. Clean, long stretches of beach. Fresh air, away from all the noise of the city with only the waves crashing when it was high tide. On our return home we felt refreshed and rested. Ready to take on the world with all its bumps and grinds. I want to encourage you to take a moment to breathe. With everything that we as human beings has to go through, it is good for our mental and physical well-being to pause for a while and just breathe. Just breathe…


3 thoughts on “Take a moment to breathe…Langezandt fishermans village

    1. I promise you it will be worth your while. I made a point of it to just eat, pray and sleep (hibernate)…plus the quality time spend with my family was priceless. Thank you for popping in Jacky.


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