Hear me when I say – Poem by Chanty007


Hear me when I say 

Hear me when I say, she has arrived!

With her Steve Madden heels on ready to conquer the world

She reclaimed her voice and is roaring with grace

She comes with her sword and shield determined to defeat

Elegance becomes her, Refined by victorious battles

With her manicure done in gold, no one will grab hold of the force she possess

No one man can comprehend to what extend her fierceness can proliferate

She has a fire in her soul that can never be extinct, still she smells of a scent as sweet as vanilla

With golden brown eyes, she’s ablaze to pierce through the hardest of cores

Skillfully she moves to the sound of her own heartbeat, no one will interrupt her rhythm

For only she can beat her inner drum, for only she can pick the path befitting her passion

With rose kissed lips, she speaks a wisdom acquired through years of being silent

Words that are gentle, words that are kind, those are the words of her mind

Delightful to touch, a skin so soft, must be the frequent milk and honey soaks

A heart filled with gratitude and compassion captivates the one she calls mine

Her charming smile penetrates through the deepest heartache, softly soothing away all pain

As the sun goes down leaving a liquid gold strip on the ocean bed,

So her pen leaves bits of sparkles for you to encrypt

Can this be? The queen she’s meant to be? Can you see what I see?

Hear me when I say, she has arrived!     

                                                                                                          MAY 2017

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