I’m having a private party…I’m celebrating the woman I’ve become.

Got my nails done, got my hair done and got dressed up in a fancy dress. Got a nice spot at the beach, got some great food and got together jolly company. Got my 20 balloons, got my 20 yellow roses and got myself a big pink chocolate Turkish delight cake. Planned everything to the T and I must say everything went according to plan. I prayed for this weekend celebration to be a success and a success it was.

My birthday party was off the hook fabulous, yes it was.

The best thing about reaching this milestone is the fact that you kind of feel that you have officially reached adulthood. Not the adult-likeness you think you’ve become when you turned 21, but your mom kinda adult. No really… I have to be honest. I have been trying to get a hold of “adulting” for the better part of my 30’s and I don’t think I’ve been doing it right. Now, I feel like all my chances of getting it right has past and from now onward it has to be spot-on. If I’m not like my mother yet, then turning this age is definitely going to do the trick. Just the other day my sisters and I together with my mom chatted about everyday things like the way we handle our different households. And I remember me mentioning that I’m not like mom in the sense of being “the perfect house-maker” at my house. With regards to household tasks and raising my kids I’m very laid back and still falling over my own feet many a times. My daughter often catches me off guard by asking me…”mommy, ma does this or that…why don’t you do it too?” That’s when I think. Ehmmm, yeah. I’m still far from being and doing all the complex or even simple things adults is expected to do. We tend to think that earning a living, running a household, having a husband automatically makes us mature. It doesn’t. I still feel like the wild and free spirited girl I was when I was 20. I might have a ring on my finger and gotten myself a couple of mini-mees, but I still like being silly and spontaneous. Of course everyone is not the same. We are all unique and while “Sally” might be Sergeant Mom from the get going, you also get “Sandy” who likes to dance to her sons rap music from time to time.

I’m not Sally. I’m not even going to try and be anything else. My daughter and I love to watch Mamma Mia and we totally love the sound track. So each time we watch it on TV, we cannot help but to sing and dance to Dancing queen and all the other songs. We literally get up on our feet, she on the bed jumping and leaping, me doing all kinds of crazy moves. We grab anything we can get our hands on to put on our heads, grab hair brushes to use as mics and just have absolute crazy fun. I wouldn’t change these moments for anything in the world. Growing up can wait till later. Although my husband is a very stern mature man, I often try my luck to persuade him to turn “adulting” down a knot. And to tell you the truth, he secretly likes the silly child-like mannerisms I play on him when I want something bad.

The next best thing of reaching this age is the social rights you get to be naughty!!    Oh my hat… whoever thought of this is genius!! It is the perfect time to blame it on the boogey. Of course I wouldn’t advise you to go and be irresponsible now…but hey, don’t be surprise if you feel the urge to eat dessert before your meal and then find yourself doing just that. Or you might want to skinny dip in the ocean or even be extra naughty by being brave enough to adore your love under the stars and show him just how BRAVE you can be…wink-wink. Whatever and wherever your heart leads you. You are in charge. You are setting the rules. My rule is…Be gloriously child-like for as long as you can be. Laugh, love and live to your hearts content. Didn’t I say in a previous post that getting older has its perks?



My latest favourite poet, Pierre Jeanty has got a plan and I like it.

Love Chanty

5 thoughts on “I’m having a private party…I’m celebrating the woman I’ve become.

  1. Happy 40th birthday! And what a wonderful you you are at that age!

    I’m 46, and though some signs of aging have started, I still feel young for the most part and yet I now feel like a grown up, too. I think I read that the 40s are the new 30s (or something like that). Maybe that will make the 50s the new 40s.

    Enjoy this decade and keep being you.

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    1. Thank you❤A real exciting stage in life. Definitely most life affirming and enhancing place to be at!! I think the vitally important part of life is to get to a point where you embrace all that you are and all that you’re intended to be. They say life begins at 40 and we are as young as we feel😉💃and I feel….24☺☺

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