Seasons… Poem by Chanty


As the seasons are changing from autumn to winter

So the colors of the leaves are turning from green to gold to brown

As the climate changes from sultry warm to crispy cool

So the sun goes down prematurely and the moon comes out in full gloom

As the sparrows are leaving on their annual journey

So the whales return to the icy cold Atlantic


As I shift myself from a position of unpleasantness

So I’m faithfully stepping towards a level of gratefulness

As I once were anxious and restless

Now I find myself calm and accepting

Yesterday I was impatient and demanding

Today I strive to be tolerant and permissive

There were times I was unhappy and uncomfortable

But these days I’m unruffled and content


For the time has come for change in those parts most difficult to change

So in the stillness of your heart, in the quietness of the storm

In the coldness of your winter

Seek what there is to change

With gracefulness and serenity pursue the season of change

With a smile and a dance you be the change

                                                                                                                                                     July 2017

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