Broken together – Chanty

Broken together

There’s a song in my heart that says we should never part

The struggles we’re facing today will surely not last

Happy we will be once again confronting all hurdles very soon

Broken together, mending each other while hidden on the moon

Have so much to say but all my words gone astray

Life uncontrollable throwing us round all the way

A waging war is what we’re facing now, injured together is how we will fight.

All the hurt and all the pain burning each other again and again;

With strength of mind pushing towards being what it once was


Question after question too stressed to reply

Did we go too far? Was this the final straw?

Can healing still be spoken to save us?

Then comes this conclusion

It’s going to take much more, but happy we will be once again.

Broken together, back to where we were, back to where it all began.

Chanty007 – July 2017

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