My Journey to a healthier me#2 – Deliciously healthy

Once your body gets use to healthy food options you seldom give in to unhealthy other choices. I noticed this after preparing a dish with fresh hake some time ago. I love fish and I include in my meal plan every week. So I normally bake it in the oven with some red and yellow peppers, some onions, garlic and lemon. Then on one occasion I thought of going back to the pan and fried it with a bit of batter. To my surprise I could not get past the second bite of the fried fish because my palate did not appreciate the oiliness thereof. I literally had to force feed myself because it was already made and I wanted my kids to finish their meal without thinking that there was something seriously wrong with the food.

I realized that my fondness for certain dishes has changed and I didn’t fancy it like before. That was something that I had to cling on to from that moment onward. Listening to your body and its needs is one of those good habits that you must teach yourself.  There are times that your body will truly just guide you to what is good and what is not. So from that time onward I decided to stick to oven baking instead of frying. I added some leafy greenery and a garlic bread or two to complete and compliment the dish. Deliciously healthy I must tell you!

Chicken can be made the same way but instead of the peppers and garlic you can add some beautiful sweet potatoes which are a better option than potatoes. Some baby carrots and peas could be added as side dish. If you are someone that has to have something to bring it all together then a spoonful of herbed brown rice would be just right to complete the meal. And whaalah…deliciously healthy.

You see, as you go along you’ll find perfect alternatives for all those bad eating habits. When you decide this for yourself you will begin to love all the healthy food options instead of fighting against it. During one of those yo-yo dieting programs I was on once, I literally felt miserable because of all the do’s and don’ts. You’re not allowed to eat potatoes or rice or pasta and whatever else. I just hated following that diet plan and was even miserable with those around me. Weighing food like a detainee of some kind instead of allowing yourself to be free and happy with the tastes that you like. Of course you have no need to eat buckets of pasta when you know it’s not good for your health.  And of course you will not want to have 5 potatoes when you know it has the ability to add kilograms to your butt region like in 5 minutes of eating them.

My key word here is moderation…everything in moderation. But seriously if you are happy weighing your food or counting calories by all means go ahead. I’m just one of those gals who don’t like too much rules especially when it comes to a something that is supposed to be enjoyed. My hairdressing lecturer told me a couple of years back that too much of one thing is never good. This does not only apply to food in particularly. It could be anything from having too much coffee or combing your hair to one side for too long.  Doing it for a long period of time could do more damage than good.

So decide for yourself what is good and healthy to have and have it in moderation.

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