Chanty’s Quotes – 2017

I couldn’t decide on a topic to write about this week, so I went over to my page and read up on some of my old posts. I do this from time to time to check whether I still feel the same way as I did when writing the article. But also to look for errors and closure on a topic. I found something more valuable than errors this time. I found a range of good quotes coming from the one and only me!! That’s when I decided to select certain lines in my older blog posts that I feel could inspire others and set them apart. It’s almost like a compilation of my thoughts or a summary of what I think of life!! I’m hoping to add to this as time goes by and as new posts get added. Just thinking how ironic it is…when we think there is nothing for us to do, then by sitting back for just a moment we come up with something wonderful. So here it goes!!

  • “I strongly believe that we need to share more of our experiences of emotional abuse and stop telling our girlfriends, sisters and daughters that relationships are about compromise and they should settle for anything less than what makes them sparkle.”
  • “Nobody should have to compromise on their values, their identity or their self-esteem to try and make a relationship work.”
  • “Your Identity has a big impact on the manner you handle most of lives encounters and if you are self-assured and bold you would make a pretty solid attempt at solving anything that you face.”
  • “Imperfections are only as bad as the amount of time we spend focusing on it. And for every imperfection there is a perfect characteristic that balances it all out.”


  • “Instead of just telling them they’re pretty, what we could say is ‘you pretty smart or pretty creative or pretty talented.” (your kids)
  • “You are sure to be making everything around you more beautiful by embracing your own splendor inside and outside.”
  • “Remember to be confident, we waste too much time on comparing ourselves to others and wishing to be something we aren’t. Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses, and it’s only when we accept everything we are and aren’t that we will truly have peace and find rest within ourselves.”
  • “You can either let the problem control you and be anxious about it or you can control the problem from a more stable point of view. Again I will say our problems can only hurt us as much as we allow it to.”


  • “For this reason I promised myself that this year I would not partake in any unnecessary drama. I choose to be happy. I choose to make my joy a priority. Do things that excite me, that gives me peace and things that enrich me.”
  • “My motto for this year: Protecting my Peace, No more Drama!!”
  • “Decide what and who you want to be today. We are given enough resources and possibilities.”
  • “No really, I have to be honest. I have been trying to get a hold of “adulting” for the better part of my 30’s and I don’t think I’ve been doing it right:-).”
  • “We are all unique and while “Sally” might be Sergeant Mom from the get going, you also get “Sandy” who likes to dance to her sons rap music from time to time.”


  • “Whatever and wherever your heart leads you. You are in charge. You are setting the rules. My rule is…Be gloriously child-like for as long as you can be. Laugh, love and live to your hearts content.”
  • “So now we arrange special evenings away from home for just the two of us, because for our family to be strong in its entirety it has to begin with the two people that started it all.”


  • “I want to encourage you to make God the foundation on which you build your household and to tend to your spouse’s needs as an individual with his own unique dreams and visions but also require upliftment from his partner to excel. And vice versa for sure.”
  • “The fragility of life is something that should not be taken lightly.”
  • “C’mon girl!!! Open your eyes. You are worth so much more than being bullied. You are worth so much more!! …God died on the cross for you my darling. He shed his blood for YOU.”


  • “You are worthy, you are His princess. You are beautiful and deserve to be treated with respect. You deserve to be listened to and your opinion matters. You are intelligent and precious.”
  • “Not knowing your worth is the biggest injustice you can do to yourself.”
  • “It’s time to pick up your crown for the Queen that you are and stand up for love.”
  • “Let’s say goodbye to drama, toxic relationships and self-criticism and say hello to more happiness, love in our lives and time with good friends and family.”
  • “You’ve been forgiven by God. He has never stopped loving you even while you were weak and rebellious. Now it’s up to you to start loving yourself again and stop the beating.”


  • “Just the fact that you are on this earth is Gods way of telling you that YOU matter and that you have an indispensable contribution to make to this world.”
  • “It’s not until you can “own it”, no matter how bad or messy it might be, that things can change for you.”
  • “You are a work in progress. I’m going to use your setback as a beautiful comeback and your enemies will be surprised. They have watched you fall, now they will see you rise”
  • “God really loves me people and that’s an awesome feeling!”


  • “I’ve decided to accept all of me…every beautiful curvaceous rounded edge and corner of my body. I am proudly me. I had to get to a point where I started to love myself.”
  • “I just needed to stop the battle within myself against myself.”
  • “What has become important to me over the years is to have learned what works better for me and to let go of bad habits.”
  • “I have plenty more bad habits that I have to conquer but if I can do this one item at a time I will surely get there.”
  • “Listening to your body and its needs is one of those good habits that you must teach yourself.”


5 thoughts on “Chanty’s Quotes – 2017

  1. Slay Slay slay…! I don’t even know what that means but I hear the late 80’s and 90’s babies use it often to express extreme pleasure in one having achieved excellence at an attempt of something… so… slayyy…lol… if I am wrong please let me know so I don’t go around using slay inappropriately…lol…

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