The joy is in the doing…not the having and the wishing

Do you know that feeling that we as moms sometimes get that we’re not good enough and got the job only because we like our husbands so 2017-02-15 18.50.22much:-) Well…I felt like that the other day and I’ll probably feel like that again and again. I mean…yeah there are days when I feel like a “kickass moma” but a lot of times there is that feeling that I’m screwing up.

The happiness of my babies, eldest 14 and youngest 5, are on top of my “have to get this right” list. So when things don’t go as planned or according to what I wished for, then I’m very disappointed in myself. I know I can’t control all events in their lives and we can’t always have what we want but I still hate not living up to my own very high standards of caring for my kids. I’ve got the cutest pigeon pair and while they are like all other brothers and sisters always teasing and squabbling, they can also be the most protective and loving towards each other. I hear parents talking about their strict routines at home and think eish I’m messing that up. Then I hear how they feed their kids only organic foods and no candy and I’m thinking Ooops!! one more thing I’m messing up. I’m just not one for hundred and one rules and regulations. We’ll have ice-cream for breakfast at lunchtime in our pajamas and be we’ll happy.

My little one had a nasty throat infection with a bit of flu symptoms and I took a day off from work to take her to the Dr. She slept most of the time because of the medication and suddenly I missed her constant chattering and endless questions. On returning to work the next day, I felt so guilty for not being able to look after her thinking she’s so small and fragile. Some days I just wish I could be a stay at home mom to care for my kids. I envy those moms who are able to be at home when their kids come from school. Being able to stay at home is an absolute blessing for both your kids and yourself. Of course there are things to consider when making that decision but I’m sure there are ways to overcome struggles that might come your way. There is such a huge battle within us to opt for being a house wife but still being able to fulfill our own needs of being independent and well looked after. As modern women we want to be independent, we want to be able to pay for our own mani’s and pedi’s. We don’t want our kids to miss out on the life they can have if there is another pay check coming in. So we have careers. We work hard to provide for our family. Unfortunately to give them the best comes with a price. You don’t get to spend as much time with them as you’d like.

Some days I just don’t have a clue, but one thing I know for sure is that the precious moments we do get to spend together as a family is priceless. I treasure that and always try to make it memorable.

15241911_10207528304754832_1079082081552044595_nLike Saturday morning pancakes!!! Hellur-luya for Saturday mornings!!

I cannot tell you how much we love our Saturday morning breakfast routine especially when dad is off and we all get to sleep in. I wait for the sun to stream through the windows then I get up and start with the batter for heavenly pancakes. I get the bacon and sausages going in the pan and some fresh tomatoes and mushrooms. As the aroma of the crispy bacon travels through our home and into their rooms I prepare myself for hugs and kisses because my tribe will be up soon. While setting the table I take a moment to thank God for carrying us through the week.When life felt like I have been climbing uphill in quicksand (Aaargh!!) and I know I would not have made it without His unfailing love, all I can do is just say thank You.

There is nothing better than to find joy in the doing of today and creating memories with the ones you love. Wishing and having will never come close to the contentment your heart feels when you see your family happy. So on a beautiful Saturday morning I enjoy my family.

Just about then I feel the slender warm arms of my son wrapping around me from behind and life is just good. Now for the toast, scramble eggs and some muesli and yogurt. Oh and don’t forget the coffee!! Mommas can’t function at 100% without coffee…

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