It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn 2018

So…here it goes…my end of 2017 speech:-).

This year I’ve been witness and accomplice to some real good, undesirably bad and extremely ugly things in my life. I’ve learned that sometimes we need to sit down at a stream to listen, especially when you’ve been locked inside a room full of chaos for too long. Listen carefully! I’ve learned to identify the wolf in sheep clothing that roams around trying to destroy beautiful things. Watch out for him! I’ve learned to not only be true to myself, but to own whatever comes from within…the good or the bad. Own it! I’ve also learned that no matter how bad a situation seems…there’s always a purpose to it and always better ways to look at it. Find the purpose!

Sometimes we paint a picture of flawlessness in our walk of life. We appear to have everything under control like our marriage, our family relationships, our finances, our careers. I’ve decided earlier in this year that I will have no more of that. No more pretending and making excuses to live up to society’s standard. I have got to make this affirmation to myself once again on this last day of 2017. I free myself from having to look perfect. I free myself from being bound to the opinions of others. I deserve freedom to live! Freedom to feel! Freedom to be! That’s my promise to myself…to live without fear and to handle challenges in a God honoring way.

I might have messed up as a wife, a daughter, a sister and sometimes as a mother because I don’t always do and say the right things. I might have scars, I might have secrets, I might be dramatic and change my mind all the time but that’s ok. I know plenty of people that loves me and there could be some that don’t. I don’t always dress up and sometimes I go without make-up but even that is okay. I don’t always act my age, I’m silly and adventurous but I love being me. I will not make apologies for who I am…I am proud to be me.

One of the things I’ve decided for this new season is to let go of anger towards anyone and anything that hindered my joy and peace in the past. We all deserve happiness and love and because some mistakes was made doesn’t mean the love was wrong. That’s what was needed to learn and grow.

I was stretched, I was thrown in a burning furnace, I was strengthened by it and God kept me. I’ve got a testimony. I’ve got a story to tell. What was meant to destroy me has made me stronger.

Here’s to a purpose-filled 2018. Prosperous in every way. Today I wish each and every reader a victorious and glorious 2018.

Shine through it all!

Love Chanty

Ec3.11 - Copy - Copy

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