Exploring my backyard

I had such a fun time visiting some of the wine farms in our region over the past weekend. I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll say it again. I’m so so blessed to have the best of the best in weekend exploring all around me. I’m situated smack bang in the middle of gorgeous beaches (my front yard) and the lovely country side (my back yard). Last weekend with the weather being a stunning 27 degrees, hubby and I visited the country side.

Firstly, I want to say that you don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy thee absolutely, astoundingly, breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and vineyards of any particular wine farm. In fact you don’t even have to be a wine taster or drinker if you want to go visit a wine farm. There is so much more to enjoy and to top it all, most farms has their own stunning restaurants and multi-award winning chefs who actually have amazing skills. Some farms even caters for children as well, which guarantee for a marvellous family outing.

Arra vineyard was quite a little show off in its own right. I would say that Arra is a hidden gem that’s not quite on the radar and could easily be missed. With it’s simple but tasteful interior designing it is a delightful place to be at. We learned that Arra was named after the owners’ daughter who is apparently in her teens. Must be a very special girl. They’ve got friendly and well informed staff that is eager to tell you the history of the farm. Their seating area is literally in front of rows and rows of lush green grapevines with dark red grapes hanging from it. The atmosphere made us want to sit a little longer especially when a little breeze started to cool us down in the sweltering heat of Stellenbosch. Arra makes me think of a relaxing intimate lounge with the sun bursting in giving you a sense of leisureliness. With the soft music in the background and our host making us feel so at home, it was actually real romantic. Their cheese platter is an excellent arrangement of the most delicious cheeses and cured meat. It has a charming upper deck with views of the Klapmuts surrondings and the majestic mountains on the side.

A quick little review of Tokara wine estate which is on top of Helshoogte Pass just past Stellenbosch. The restaurant is situated 400m above sea level, which gives you spectacular views of the vineyards, neighbouring farms and of False Bay. Their chef will ensure you get the best in contemporary cuisine. Cured Duck breast and Peppered Springbok is just two of the lovely dishes served from their menu. They’ve got some interesting sculptures and art work on display which is lined up along a pleasant walkway. The olive groves and vineyards can be seen in neat rows in long stretches…real fascinating. They have a child-friendly delicatessen on the grounds and I have to mention it is a lot friendlier on the pocket than the fine dining at the restaurant side. There is a large lawn area for the kids to play and you may want to take a stroll with them passing the Olive groves and sculptures. With all the blossoming trees and flowerbeds it looks pretty enchanting. Make sure you take a shot left’ there when you decide to do the R44 Wine tour.

It was truly a perfect day in the vine.

Some more pics of Tokara.


5 thoughts on “Exploring my backyard

  1. Hi Chanty,
    I know Jacqueline. In response to what you wrote. I like red wine and only recently discovered I like what wine as well.
    You liked a comment I left at Danny Ray’s 1/19 Meet and Greet. I came to thank you and introduce myself.
    I’m Janice. Maybe you can check out my blog if you need any blogging tips. That’s what I write about. I also host six blogging events each month including Meet and Greets like Danny.
    I hate to leave a link, but many people click my picture or my name and end up at my old blog Reflections. Now I blog at https://mostlyblogging.com.

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