Weekend things…time to unplug


It’s the weekend and I’m here to remind you to kick off your shoes and relax.

Really take time to exhale by taking deep and slow breathes

Breath in…Breath out…breath in….breath out….

No stressing…no over thinking…no hassles.

Listen to your favorite music.  Find a quiet place in your home and do some mindful meditation.

Put your phone on silent, no emails, no news feeds, no social media, no craziness.

Find balance within your mind, body and soul by focusing on one sound or one positive thought.

Light some scented candles and soak in a fragrant bath of hot water.

Gently try to avoid any distractions that might disturb your peace.

Empty yourself from all anger, worry, bitterness and fear.

Acknowledge that there is a Higher Power that has control of all things in your life.

You don’t have to solve everyone’s problems.

You deserve to unplug.


Have a wonderful relaxing weekend everyone!









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