A little town that has surely been creeping into my heart since last year already is a place called Piketberg. Enthusiastically I wrote on our family notice board so that everyone was aware of our next #Saturdaymorningexploring trip.

“Family excursion to Piketberg this Saturday morning @ 08:00 sharp!!”

Our road trip took me and my tribe on the long road through the N7, 130kms from Cape Town, to the Swartland region. It is a quick 1h30 hours’ drive yet hubby made us a flask of hot coffee and some snacks for the road. The weather was cool so I threw some jackets in a bag just in case it really got cold between the city and the farm. I could see PMJ was really enjoying the drive as his Hilux passed by all the little towns in a whizz. Kalbaskraal, Malmesbury, Abbotsdale, Moorreesburg and finally Piketberg.Sneeu

I jotted down our itinerary on my phone so we knew exactly where to go first. We went to the farmers market on Kruistementvlei farm and had some breakfast there. The plan was to go to Long Street to the Arts exhibition at B Pretti Droomland Bravo, a Beauty salon, arts & crafts and fully licensed restaurant all in one. Then we took a drive around the town to see what Piketbergers does on a Saturday. It seemed everyone was out and about doing shopping, enjoying the trip to the only mall in town.

We had a quick leg stretch at the Engen 1Stop and chatted to one of the locals who told us that the farmers market is on the road leading way up to the mountain. I had no idea how way up the mountain it really was until we gradually went higher and higher. Within 10 minutes we were so high on the mountain that I literally sat wide eyed looking at the beautiful landscape beneath that seemed as if it was painted with a brush.

Kruistementvlei farm is the essence of country style living at its best. It has little cottages available for renting over weekends and at the end of every month all the neighboring farmers meet there to sell whatever their specialty is. It’s a lively happy place to be at. The little band played a joyful tune urging visitors and traders alike to hop to the music coming from their guitars and keyboard. I could feel the bond between the people selling everything from Rooibos tea to heart shaped cutting boards.

They stood chatting from behind their tables in a proud manner inviting everyone to taste samples of their food. Whether it was little cups of dessert or biltong on a stick I sure adored going from table to table. Homemade bread, different types of jams, sauces, frikkedel and so much more made straight from the farmers kitchen.  I really enjoyed the atmosphere and was kind of disappointed when the time came for us to leave. The mountains and the hills that surrounded the farm gave it such a cozy atmosphere; you feel like putting up a tent and sit next to a campfire.

I caught myself describing a couple of things as ‘little’ in this town. For instance little town, little cottages even a little band. Then I realized that this town cannot really be seen as little. This town has so much character with its majestic mountains and its rich culture. There is so much more to it than just being one of the side roads off the N7. In the residential area of Piketberg I noticed that it has the most beautiful structured Dutch Reformed church designed according to Neo-gothic style that dates back to 1880. 1280px-Church_of_piketbergMany years ago the area was inhabited by the Khoisan and there is still well-preserved San rock art in the mountains. They also have a history of being prosperous entrepreneurs and raised themselves out of poverty by trading from farmstead to farmstead. (Information source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piketberg) The farmers market up at Piket-bo-berg gives me a preview of how things were done those years. Everyone comes together showing off their fruits and produces just having a jolly time socializing to their hearts content.

I could get use to the country life. Being so close to the mountains and wide open fields absorbing the beauty of His hands. It’s amazing.

Now just to see how far the beach is from where we parked:-)




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