Finding balance – Part 3

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Just to recap on my previous posts on finding balance between family, work, finances and health. Without balance you might feel like nothing in your life is in an order you would like it to be. It is hard to find adequate fulfillment and be happy when feeling unbalanced. Your family relationships will take strain, you’d feel inefficient at work and you will experience poor physical and mental health.


Because it’s so important for us (me) to find balance in our (my) life I’ve devoted this 3 part series just to elaborate on balance. It’s imperative that we first acknowledge that we are in this position before anything can be done.

“A wise woman recognizes when her life is out of balance and summons the courage to act to correct it.”- Suze Orman.

An important aspect to know early on, is that making wise decisions on matters surrounding your growth will ensure balance in every area of your life. When you are young you don’t always think of what is needed to make your live comfortable when you’ll be 50 for instance. We are focusing on enjoying our carefree days, some might think of finding the right husband/wife to get married to and how many kids to have. At that point we don’t realize how our early decisions will affect our future.

It’s not all lost though. There really is a happy route that you can follow to get everything to balance in your life. I’ve already discussed creating balance between family and work. This week I’ll focus on finances and health. Money matters can seriously influence the condition of our health. All the more reason for us to put extra effort into playing the balancing acts right.e778e6664eeb810ecc25806422c0aa71

Have you noticed how the four factors could be divided into two parts? It can literally be seen as internal balance and external balance. Mmmmh…for me it means that work and family can be seen as external because it affects us on the outside and our social responsibilities. Finances and health can be seen as internal because it affects us from inside involving our mind, body and soul. Do keep in mind though; there is no blue print for achieving balance. It is a different walk for everyone.

The first signs I noticed about my health that made me really sit up and listen was my energy levels. I was tired all the time and would take a break from work once in a while just to get some quality sleep, but would return as tired as before. I was never a skinny person, but I have gained a considered amount of weight that I just couldn’t shake off (ok, ok…I didn’t try much to be honest). I suddenly had elevated blood pressure and that was real scary. Everywhere we go we hear about health and wellness but usually it goes in by the one ear and out by the other. We know exactly what needs to be done but it’s just not on top of our list until we have a health scare. Our health ultimately does affect the quality of our life and our outputs. So to be more productive and happier we have to put more emphasis on our health. In doing so we will be more inclined to do the other things that will create balance. Following a balanced diet and being active will change your life dramatically. Your energy levels will be fantastic, your mind will be sharp and you’ll definitely sleep better.

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The other thing that affects your health for realz…is money matters!! It indirectly disturbs your sleeping patterns, your eating habits and brings on stress. I’m an emotional muncher so the moment I stress I eat. I eat pasta. I eat chocolate. I eat pizza. I eat. This is not good for my health because it’s never salad or seeds I’m munching on. By the way…talking about food. I had the loveliest salad from Woolies the other day. Jalapeño vegan pasta salad with roasted coconut flakes. It was reeeeeaaal awesome!! It actually proved that healthy eating is not thaaaat difficult or yukky. But let me tell you how I manage to curb my budget lately and still do the things I love.

If you can remember I made a list in  Finding balance – Part 1 of all the lovelies that you can cut down on or cut out to manage your living expenses better. There was quite a lot of stuff on there that would break a person’s heart if it really had to come to that.

Luckily I have friends that is most talented and who is always available to hook me up. One of my dearest friends of 16 years; she’s an absolute darling and a very successful entrepreneur. Whenever I’m in a corner I can always count on her to fix my nails in a jiff. She does manicures, pedicures, facials and massages at her home. She opened an online clothing shop last year and I find it absolutely wonderful to browse through her stunning collection of clothes and just pop a text to say ‘Nellie I’m on my way’. Her merchandise is very budget friendly and saves me so much time because of her open door policy. Instead of having to walk around in malls for hours and hours I can do it in the comfort of her home and there is always an item with my name on it. I know a couple of girls from my hairdressing days that own hair salons…so pulling in a favor wouldn’t be too hard. Do you get what I’m saying? You can support your friends’ businesses and score a rand or two with their cost-effective prices.

The other thing that’s always a winner in saving is online buying. I love buying vouchers for concerts, outdoor activities and a wide range of restaurant deals on Hyperli or Wikideals website. They are real affordable and sometimes marked down to 50%. You’ll be able to feed your craving for sushi and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. My family and I just love having fun outdoors. We love taking long walks in nature reserves, country side excursions and beach hopping. I’d pack us a picnic basket or get lovely goodies from an open air food market and spend a fun-filled day needing very little money. Back to wellness, everywhere in our communities there’s boot camping groups popping up. Joining a fitness group that makes use of parks to get together is an awesome way to shy away from long binding contracts with gym institutions.

It just takes a little bit of thinking and looking around to discover that there are a million ways to save. Now we are getting healthy and saving money in one go. You should be feeling like a rock-star and not a di-sa-star by now.

One more thing. Life is a rollercoaster journey…enjoy the ride and Sparkle on!!!

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