To my husband…


I want to dedicate this post to my homey, my best friend, my number 1👑, my partner in love and war, my person. The jam to my peanut butter sandwich, the sprinkles on my ice-cream🍦, the twinkle in my eye, the Will to Jada, the custard to my jelly the cream to my peaches:-)…okay, enough now lol😅He is the one who I literally cannot be without, the one who’s got my back, the one who would take a punch for me.

Although I’m always trying to let him know in my own peculiar way, how much he means to me, I don’t feel that it’s ever enough. ‘So babes, today I write about you!!’ My handsome strong kind sweet loving husband. PMJ❤didn’t like this blogging idea of mine at first. He is a very private reserved person. He is very particular of who he lets into his space and doesn’t warm up to people at first sight. He is very supportive and extremely valuable to me.💕💕💕

Good men don’t nearly get enough recognition because of all the bad apples out there. I’m going to post a series of images on a daily basis, sourced from The Bridal Box that will focus your attention on the “Superman” within your man that is so easily overlooked. Let’s celebrate him, honor him, support him…he is the visionary and leader of your household above all.👏👏👏


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