Changing the mood to sunshine in my pockets

I’ve spend some time just reading up on the community of bloggers I follow as well as random bloggers from all over the world for a while. The introvert in me needed her space to reflect and refresh. While I’ve got quite a few drafted articles in my folder I felt hesitant to post any of it. The thing that is occupying my mind at this time is rather gloomy and the evidence can be seen in the bits and pieces I put on paper. Things that is happening in and around our community and all over for that matter.mer1

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by all the sadness around me, leaving me feeling tired and emotional all the time. It’s rather disheartening and for this reason I decided to concentrate on happier things…In today’s world we have to make conscious decisions to back away from the mad and move towards radical happiness. BUT big BUT. I will never be able to turn a blind eye to all the hurt and pain that those around me are facing. I’ll always feel compelled but not in a forced way…to say or do something…anything, because I want to.


Still I thought, for now…I’m just going to fill up with a little sunshine in my pockets, because to give sunshine, I need to have sunshine!! So I sat on my bed with the autumn sun bursting through my window and just enjoyed the moment with my words. Is there ever going to be a moment when we overly emotional beings are ever going to get any rest? I don’t think so…our minds, our hearts is just too big to be quiet.

I downloaded some music of Darlene Zschech some time ago…just saved it to my playlist to listen to at a later stage. Then the other day I thought to myself I needed some refreshed inspiration so I copied the music to a memory stick to listen to at work. On listening to the selection I downloaded so long ago, I found that one of the songs wasn’t a song at all. In fact it was a sermon by Darlene named Living large. It’s amazing how God works. It’s just incredible. I needed to hear that message so much at that point of time. Large heartedness is what she spoke about. To me Large-heartedness is when you intentionally live your daily life in a way that is more perceptive of people’s different characters. You might feel hurt by the way they do things or say things, but you choose to respond in loving kindness. She was telling a story of a mission she was on when the Vatican City invited her to pray and of course lead in worship. They wanted to pray for the earth like she said…and because that is a pretty big deal she accepted the invitation. On coming back from her trip…very excitedly she posted a clip of the service, but to her surprise she was booed. She said people bombarded her with hateful messages, questioned her faith, and questioned her salvation without looking at the bigger picture. She was so hurt…she took the clip off immediately. Darlene has such a joyful way of talking. She’s so humorous and finds the pearl in everything she experience.

Like someone once told me on how to handle unpleasant people…just brush’em off your shoulders and move on. But what I want to focus on here is being large hearted will cause you to give love even when it’s not deserved. It will cause you to give empathy to strangers and blessings to the bitter. Large heartedness…

985061_1 big-heartedness, bounteousness, bountifulness, freehandedness, generosity, generousness, great-heartedness, lavishness, liberality, magnanimity, magnanimousness, munificence, openhandedness, unselfishness, unsparingness. In a sentence: Most striking of all is her large-heartedness and admiration of all the good people who disagree with her.

6 thoughts on “Changing the mood to sunshine in my pockets

  1. This is really great Chanty. And I agree with you that “large heartedness” is for everyone, no matter who you are. The internet and social media can be difficult in that some of the people you hear from too much are people trolling or saying things they would never say in person. Maybe Darlene’s experience in the Vatican not only effected those who spoke negatively of it, but others who enjoyed the video, who were too afraid to comment seeing how that small percentage of nay-sayers reacted. I don’t blink on the end, it’s not up to others to question her faith, her beliefs etc. that’s Gods job. And I think what you lead to in your last paragraph is that these people who were upset by her prayer and leading worship, were just as much in need of hearing what she had to say, despite their negative Social Medie/Internet reactions. They needed to see this clip even if it bothered them a lot. It seems to me that if it bothered them, maybe God had a purpose in them seeing the video. Sometimes what bothers use most, will make us think, question, and discover beyond something that we completely ‘love’ and ‘agree’ with it. I think your large heartedness concept is very important in this respect, loving and witnessing not only to those who want to hear or see, but those who don’t, but hear anyways.

    Thanks for the post. It was wonderful to wake up to. His morning 🙂

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    1. Hi Mandi, It’s a beautiful thing hey. It’s all about how you respond to such situations…it determines your peace and your joy.
      Thank you for popping in…it gladdens my heart to hear from you.

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