The Superman in your man


I’ve come to rely so much on my husband in the last couple of months due to work responsibilities, that he has become such an EXPERT in multi-tasking, time-juggling, schedule keeping, problem solving, master chef cooking, Uber driving, doing-pink-tutu-things with our daughter and rugby coaching our son all in one go. He is practically running our household and being an absolute PILLAR OF STRENGTH to us all.


By the time we get to bed I see him totally passed out with Princess laying in the middle; legs all over us, I realize then what it really means to say that “you are either ALL IN or ALL OUT”. Being ALL IN means just that. Being consciously present in every way, at all times and in everything you can possibly think of inside of your circle concerning your tribe. You need to be ALL IN for that to work.


The concept of marriage has changed so much over time. In the past marriage was an economic arrangement where the husband worked on his farm and needed the wife to cook, have babies (to help on the farm in the future) and keep a clean home for him. Love and emotional support came second if at all. So it’s no secret then that marriage looks a lot different today than in the past. However, there are some trends that have remained the same for decades regardless of all the new landscapes. I think the best marriages are those built on deep love, constant forgiveness, strong mutual respect and a sense of equality.


Change is inevitable and as time goes by we are faced with a fresh set of distinct challenges and constraints to navigate through. So today I’m just happy and thankful for my significant other.  I’m thankful for his love and support and for doing life along side of me, moving in a direction that promotes both of us.

Do you know what? There is a Superman inside of your man as well. Sometimes we focus on the petty stuff and forget that we are here to uplift and support each other. Be that wife.

Love Chanty



6 thoughts on “The Superman in your man

  1. There are so many more changes to go through. So many couples get bored and move on when the relationship doesn’t excite you anymore. It is hard to weather the changes. My husband is now 70. The most exciting thing we do together now is have a nice home-cooked dinner and watch something downloaded. He is happy with that. He’s tired and I’m still raring to go. If I could give you any advice for making it through the years – don’t try to change each other, respect each other’s differences and do what makes you happy – not what makes him happy or you will resent him for giving up too much. Always be honest. good luck!

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