Choose me


Choose her over all that wants and needs your attention.

Choose her over all the things that are clouding your mind.

Choose her over all the bumps and all the hurdles.

Over everything that must be done and over everything that is expected.

Over all those scheduled nothingness and arranged meaninglessnessChoose me7

Choose her over everyone standing in your way,

Choose her over anything that’s blocking your view,

She needs you to choose her.

And she’s screaming CHOOSE ME. Don’t choose sleep. Don’t choose work. Don’t choose anyone or anything else. Choose me.

and-id-choose-you-in-a-hundred-lifetimes-in-a-22870656 We all need constant growth.

We can never let our guard down.

We need to choose each other continually…all the time.

Whatever you’re confronted with, whatever is obscuring your view…you need to choose her before everything.

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