Happy Friday


Phew!!! That it’s Friday…that just feels sooooo good right now.

Man oh man what a week I had. I won’t bother you with the exhausting details of my highly demanding “trying not to go insane” week. Sometimes I wonder how we even make it with everything going on. How do you unwind??

Mmmh…I’m thinking kicking off those shoes first of all, taking a looooong warm shower…having your favorite drink in hand. Aaaaaaaand SLAM DUNK your couch!! How about some Jill Scott in the background and some soul food prepared by the ever so handsome PMJ. A little foot massage won’t be too bad either. Mmmh just thinking…

Well, which ever way you’ll be relaxing this weekend I hope it will be good. So, here’s to an AWESOME FRIDAY PEOPLE!!

Love Chanty

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