Roar Lioness…make your voice heard


I just looooove Friday mornings…And I know every one of you loooooves Fridays like I do…you just get that extra bit oomph inside; like extra wind beneath your wings kind of oomph. I love Fridays!! Especially if you know you’ve got a packed weekend and you’re winning all the way.

While doing my morning ritual at my desk…praying…coffee… beats…I’m also browsing the newspapers. In the Cape Argus I read a refreshing article on Women leaders in South Africa. It states that Businesses with female leaders made 15% more profit than non-diverse teams. Yet in SA there are still just 2.2% of companies that are led by female chief executives. The CE of Santam, Lize Lambretch, hired women in positions of authority to help take the company forward specifically in the finance industry.

In the article they shared their views on what needs to be done to transform the finance industry. I think the suggestions that they shared is absolutely valid and can be applied across the board in every area of our society. Vanessa Otto-Mentz is the Head of the Group Strategy unit and this is her view. “…we need to start with the education of girls and the mentoring of women at home and in the workplace. All genders need to be deemed as equal at work.” And I totally love this observation of hers plus it’s totally true…”Self-reflect on stereotypes: Often women leaders are subjected to a double standard, if you’re too friendly and collaborative; you’re weak; if you’re decisive and driven, you’re bossy. That’s a no-win position. We have to let go of old leadership stereotypes to widen the scope to get the leaders we need for the 21st century challenges we face.” AWESOME!! Roar Lady Vanessa!images

I’d love to quote each and every one of the ladies in the article but instead I’ll advise you get today’s Argus…online or old-style:-) and read page 6. I just got my doze of inspiration right there from page 6. The other articles on there are really just so inspiring.

But the other reason why I’m so excited and inspired is the way women in my close proximity are starting to make their voices heard.  For the past 2-3 years I’ve been hearing and seeing ladies ROARING from where they STAND…some does subtle yet constant PURRING, but they are definitely making their voices heard. I’m so proud of them. Ladies like Ronell Prins, Lynn Hilll, Delmaine Van Niekerk, Candice Lynn Christians etc, they are taking the social media platform by storm and standing up for a good course. Women Empowerment has gone beyond boundaries. Well, I just wanna say I’m so proud and so excited. Those days that women took the back seat and let things slide is gone!!! We are here in this position to stay. Think about all the hashtag movements and women’s marches that’s been going on as of late…#METOO #ENOUGHISENOUGH #heforshe #RememberKhwesi The Roar is becoming louder and louder.

“Wathint’ Abafazi, Wathint’ Imbokodo’” meaning “When you strike a woman, You strike a Rock.” That is the resistance song that became the symbol of courage and strength that the women of South Africa expressed at the Women’s March in 1956. In the 1950’s the government law required that men and women carry passes that gave them permission to be in an urban area and only people who could find work were given a pass. This was how the government controlled who came into certain areas. Or rather that’s how they kept out people of color and women specifically. So on that day, the 9th of August 1956, 20 000 women said enough is enough and they marched to the union building in Pretoria to hand over a petition to the Prime minister. It was a day to remember not only because it was a march against the restrictive unjust apartheid laws, but also because it led to significant changes towards the emancipation of women.

If I think of all the changes that happened for women since that time, I really believe that the more we STAND together, the more we ROAR and make our voices heard…the more we will experience total Freedom, Respect and Equality.



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