My Pandemic

Guys, I have to admit to you today, I’m not handling this situation very well. I’m not doing well at all during this lockdown period.

We in South Africa are at Level 4 of lockdown, which allows for a little bit more movement since last week. We still have a curfew, no visiting, no large crowds anywhere, no beach days or picnicking, not everyone is back at work even. No cigarettes, no alcohol, no partying, no non-essential people doing anything else than staying at home. No school and no church.
I’m not sure how you coping but I’m totally losing my sanity every second day. You know how you lay in bed at night thinking of the past day and all you have accomplished or all you’ve not. Or you think of all the productivity that’s going to come out of you the next day. Well I’ve been doing all the head work regarding “tasks to do during lockdown”and to-do lists but nothing came from it. And now being in week 7 of lockdown I’m feeling completely and utterly overcomed by my inability to be more productive.
I haven’t kept to our homeschool schedule, I haven’t cleared out the spare room which I wanted to turn into our home office, I haven’t woke up early since more than a month ago to do some kind of exercise routine. I’m horribly failing at using my time wisely like I always preach to my kids. I’m just feeling way out of line, all over the place all the time. It feels like all I’ve done for the past month is cooking, sleeping, eating, watching movies and news.

I had a chat with my son today. Just about everything that’s currently going on and how things are affecting us and about our future. My son hasn’t been outside our gates since more than a month ago, he refuses to set foot in any shop or even to go to his grandparent’s place. I wanted him to understand that we are in real uncertain times but that we’re going to be ok and if we fixed our eyes on Jesus we wouldn’t have to be anxious or afraid of anything. I think it’s important to have conversations with your kids about what’s going on around us at this point so that you have an idea of how it’s affecting them. We have a responsibility to take care of their mental health as well. Even though things looks scary and you don’t know whether you’re coming or going, there’s always one thing that we can trust that will stay the same and that is God’s love and mercy.

I saw a letter from our President today in which he said that life will never be the same again. We’d have to get used to the new way of life. Face Masks, extra hygiene measures, social distancing and the likes are the new normal for all of us. That is the reality that we will have to accept. I wish COVID-19 never got to SA shores. I wish we could go back to Our normal. This lockdown existence is difficult. It affects all of us differently yes, but it’s not nice for all of us.
Before the pandemic we had plans and goals. We were just getting ready to make some changes to our business model. It was going to strengthen our foundation and create much needed growth for our business. This COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything. I try not to panic and to keep hope alive.
I thank God that He has kept us safe and healthy. I thank God for providing for us and our families. I’m grateful that we have a roof over our heads and that we are warm and loved.
I’m glad I have God to hold on to during these uncertain times. I see His hands covering us day by day. That gives me peace and it makes me feel secure. Things might not happen for us at the moment but I believe we will survive this.
For now I trust where I cannot see. Keep safe and healthy.

Chanty xxx

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