Stepping up

I’m stepping up to the plague that haunts many women today. I’m stepping into a season of bravery, a season of raising a banner and making a loud noise.

For a while now an indescribable intense desire has risen up inside of me to throw myself, mind, body and soul into the battlefield to create change and bring empowerment to women. I feel that my divine purpose has been knocking on my hearts door for far too long. My vision is to raise up an army of strong warrior women who can protect and stand up for women. A place that offers guidance and prayer for those who need it. Working hand in hand with the Police department and Social development as well as Psychological support for women battling abuse and other problems. My heart and my head is in this project like never before. This morning I woke up and felt the need to pray about this plan that God laid on my heart. I prayed for guidance and divine favour. I prayed for wisdom and peace of mind. I know that if I want to bring change into the lives of women I’ll have to walk incredibly close with the Holy spirit to guide me and show me the way.

Code pink is standing for everything true and worthy of living a positive fulfilled life. Code pink wants to walk the path, create the platform, provide the protection to each and every women that needs healing and restoration. Code pink wants more than anything to protect those calling out for help in times of distress.

I want to bring change into the lives of women. I want to bring empowerment where there was once depression. I want to help raise up an army of women who knows their worth and who can stand up for the oppressed woman in need. I want the new generations to have a new empowered mind set. I want the daughters of Africa to be strong. I want the sons of Africa to be changed. I want to eradicate the bacteria/virus/root cause that is killing our families. I want man and woman to bring healing instead of strive. I want men to protect and women to nurture. I want our children to be happy and free.

There is so many NGO’s out there that assist and support women today and they are surely doing a great job. I’m proud of all the women that dedicates their time and skills to fight against women and child abuse. I want to be part of a generation that didn’t keep quiet while our very existence are being threatened.

Im ready to come out. Watch this space.

Chanty xxx

2 thoughts on “Stepping up

  1. Hey sis, it’s been a while! I’m so happy to see this post we need more women like you, yes pls get out of your shell and face your destiny…it awaits you! Keep us posted.


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