You have made me brave

How often do we find ourselves in situations that seems impossible to handle on our own. I know I have.

I’ve entered a season in my life where the ground that I’m walking on is not always safe. I have stepped out of my comfort zone and it’s scary. I’ve listened to the constant calling that there is a mission that I must take on. A greater purpose for my life. Other than doing the normal thing. I had to step out in faith and move towards uncertainty. I had to have faith that whatever Gods plan is for my life that my future is secured in Him. Confirmation came in many ways. And I leaped.

It always happens that your passion and hearts desire is always the most scariest thing to pursue. It always seems to be this huge mountain and only by God’s guidance you can move.

He has made me brave. To leap. To stand strong. To be me.


3 thoughts on “You have made me brave

  1. Why does this post sound like my life and my next post. You touched exactly how I feel. We can only trust God to shift us and make us uncomfortable for His purpose. All the best sweets!! God trusts you. Trust Him back🌹


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