Mind Sparkle

🌻My mind sparkle episodes are thoughts that comes to mind at the weirdest time possible. It is the stuff I think of when driving the 45 minutes to my home from work. Or when I’m standing in the line at the supermarket till. Or even while taking a relaxing bath. It’s the things in my head that is worth jotting down on paper and sometimes it’s just feeble thoughts popping up out of nowhere. It’s not really a full on blog post but rather a short “mind💫sparkle”. It wont always make sense, so excuse me for that in advance. I’m just silly like that sometimes:-) Bare with me…you might like it.🌻

Where did she come from?                                                  June 2016

Unable to fall asleep at 01:24 in the morning after lots of tossing and turning, I finally get up to refill my hot water bottle which have cooled down since I’ve filled it at 20:00 the previous night. I get up throw on my thick fleecy night gown and head to the kitchen. I fill the kettle and warm some milk in the microwave. While waiting for the kettle to boil I peel and slice the papaya that came home with me from the last grocery shopping trip. This will be tomorrow’s breakfast I tell it. With that done I take back to bed a warm bottle and a cup of hot chocolate.🍵 Happy with myself I grab my notepad, my pen and my glasses. Six A5 pages later between sips of beautiful hot chocolate and I’m still not tired, rather excited about my block that has been lifted.😎I wonder if this is normal. Waking up in the middle of the night and finding little bits of sparkle coming from your pen to your paper😏

Love Chanty


Mmmmh Love this. #AliciaKeysRocks

My Scribblings –   Transformation                                     11 September 2017

Looking back to a few years ago…I believe that I’m not the same person I was back then.

As I went over a few posts that I wrote during the past two years, I realized how much I have changed:-). I’m so happy to be able to describe it as such…a transformation process. On all the levels possible I feel like I’ve transformed into a better version of myself. As we all do, I had to work through a lot of delicate issues that came at me out of the blue…I was basically facing monsters. It was a total hands-on experience if I can call it that. I made some decisions that led to unpleasant reactions, some that I’m not very pleased with. Some faultfinders might think that I’m contradicting myself. At times it didn’t make sense to me as well, but I know for certain there were divine interventions and influence in everything that transpired. We must be vigilant at all times, because as much as God is present, so the enemy is always lurking nearby. There are always choices to be made and sometimes our views are blurred by interference. Be assured though, there is a purpose in your brokenness. There is a reason why God takes you through ugliness; keeping you sane enough through it all; to be a witness of your own mess. We experience certain things so that our story may be a testimony to others.  Always take full responsibility for your mistakes and own all your imperfections. You can imagine the contentment I felt when I read this statement by Bryant McGill. I’m human. I’m allowed to have mixed feelings. I’m totally in a right frame of mind and not being self-centered at all! That is making me feel very happy.💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙

“Changing yourself takes time; it is incremental and can seem like hypocrisy to judging observers. While improving yourself, you may reverse opinions, contradict yourself and seem inconsistent with your beliefs and actions. Don’t allow people to control you with the consistency trap. Consistency has been weaponized. Don’t let consistency be used against your holistic being and full-spectrum intelligence. You are not irrational. You are not stupid. Being ‘smart’ is a total spectrum of behaviors; it is about balance — not just intellect. Your opinions matter and you can even change them! You can say things that are completely wrong and still be a part of a legitimate dialogue. You can do things that are completely wrong and still be a part of a legitimate evolution. You are an amorphous being and can change your views, opinions, ideas, and beliefs at will and as frequently as you desire. You are allowed to be inconsistent, contradictory and unbound by conventions such as sanity, intelligence or making sense. When you reserve the right to total contradiction, you reserve the self-acceptance to be human.”— Bryant McGill

I hope this gives someone peace of mind that making mistakes is human and it is only there to make us stronger.

Love Chanty🐝

My mission statement🍒

On this day I submit and commit Chanty’s cosmos unto You oh Lord. I pray that it will Glorify only You. Magnify only You. Shine for only You. I’m here to be Your humble servant sharing a message of Love inspired by the Holy Spirit. I want to share a message that there is hope, there is life, there is love even after the worst thing possible. No matter the magnitude of your sin, no matter the degree of your shame, no matter all of your imperfections. God’s love is overwhelming and never-ending. It’s unconditional and He’s an ever present help to those who diligently seeks Him. Even when we don’t deserve it, still He will never forsake us. “There is no shadow You won’t light up, mountain You won’t climb up, coming after me, there’s no wall You won’t kick down, Lie you won’t tear down, coming after me” #therecklessloveofJesus💖💛💖💛

“I used to think that freedom meant doing whatever you want. It means knowing who you are, what you are supposed to be doing on this earth, and then simply doing it.” –  Natalie Goldberg.