My scribblings

Unable to fall asleep at 01:24 in the morning after lots of tossing and turning, I finally get up to refill my hot water bottle which have cooled down since I’ve filled it at 20:00 the previous night. I get up throw on my thick fleecy night gown and head to the kitchen. I fill the kettle and warm some milk in the microwave. While waiting for the kettle to boil I peel and slice the papaya that came home with me from the last grocery shopping trip. This will be tomorrow’s breakfast I tell it. With that done I take back to bed a warm bottle and a cup of hot chocolate. Happy with myself I grab my notepad, my pen and my glasses because apparently if you I have to squint your eyes to see better then your eyes sight is bad. Six A5 pages later between sips of beautiful hot chocolate and I’m still not tired, rather excited about my block that has been lifted. I wonder if this is normal. Waking up in the middle of the night and finding little bits of sparkle coming from your pen to your paper:-)

Love Chanty


Mmmmh Love this. #AliciaKeysRocks