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December 2016

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March 22, 2016


March 2016 – Ouch…


March 2016 – Check out the storm in my eyes…



08 February 2016


January 2016 – Transforming…growing…


25 January 2016 – Jimmy Choo Spring/Summer 2014 Collection… I like


25 January 2016 – Mmmh, Sunset in my moms garden. How familiar, how calm, how relaxing.


13 January 2016 – A new day

Promises of new things to come. Promises of a new day. This is the sunrise taken from Signal hill, Cape Town.


29 December 2015 – Since a very young age I’ve been in love with butterflies. I drew them all over my books, notes and just about everywhere. Butterflies have somehow become my signature. I have a selection of delicately designed butterfly models on my desk. I love how their wings spread out wide and how they flatter around lightly. They are so delicate yet you cant catch them easily.


20 December 2015 – Just had to share this gorgeous pic of the Walvis Bay desert that my niece send me when she was on holiday there. Can anything so unpleasant be so beautiful? I mean the scorching sun and sand for miles is not really my idea of fun. Although she also posted pics of how they were sand-boarding, to which I must confess looked entertaining. But seriously, sand in all the wrong places is not on. Contrasting to this absolutely stunning view!

Photo credit: Charldene Rhodes


December 2015 – This pic was taken at sun rise a couple of days ago. Isn’t it stunning the way the photographer captured the sun rays? Makes me think of when I was in primary school and had to draw a picture of the sun. I would draw this big yellow ball with flaring yellow and orange stripes to represent the sun rays. Awesome picture.IMG_59394072697549

December 2015 – Cape Town, Table view – South Africa My favourite place. My town.

Photo credit: Me