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The Superman in your man

I've come to rely so much on my husband in the last couple of months due to work responsibilities, that he has become such an EXPERT in multi-tasking, time-juggling, schedule keeping, problem solving, master chef cooking, Uber driving, doing-pink-tutu-things with our daughter and rugby coaching our son all in one go. He is practically running… Continue reading The Superman in your man

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To my husband…

APPRECIATING HIM I want to dedicate this post to my homey, my best friend, my number 1👑, my partner in love and war, my person. The jam to my peanut butter sandwich, the sprinkles on my ice-cream🍦, the twinkle in my eye, the Will to Jada, the custard to my jelly the cream to my… Continue reading To my husband…


Teens and relationships: ‘Daddy, I’ve got a girlfriend now…’

My baby boy…14 years old to be exact, gave his dad some real exciting news one morning before school. Dad being more excited about it I suspect sends me a screenshot of their conversation while I’m at work. In the message he tells his dad that he asked a girl out on a date over… Continue reading Teens and relationships: ‘Daddy, I’ve got a girlfriend now…’

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It’s a love thing…

So the other day PMJ and I were sitting in a restaurant and I overheard a couple talking. Please don’t get me wrong…I didn’t mean to eaves drop. I just happened to hear what they were talking about. We were the only people sitting in that section so it was kind of unavoidable to hear.… Continue reading It’s a love thing…

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Men will be men

It is commonly known that boys have a different way of communicating than girls and so also men have a different way of communicating than women. They don't always use the words that women want to hear. One summer evening after the kids went to sleep, hubster and I were chilling in our bedroom with… Continue reading Men will be men