Roar Lioness…make your voice heard

I just looooove Friday mornings…And I know every one of you loooooves Fridays like I do…you just get that extra bit oomph inside; like extra wind beneath your wings kind of oomph. I love Fridays!! Especially if you know you’ve got a packed weekend and you’re winning all the way. While doing my morning ritual … Continue reading Roar Lioness…make your voice heard

Love like you’ve never been hurt

Hi everyone!! I’m so excited for the fact that my God is so intentional…so thoughtful…so precise in what I need. His love is just so overwhelming and that He is mindful of me???... just messes me up each time I think of it!!! (in a good way tho!!) One of my absolute favorite writers of … Continue reading Love like you’ve never been hurt

The Superman in your man

I've come to rely so much on my husband in the last couple of months due to work responsibilities, that he has become such an EXPERT in multi-tasking, time-juggling, schedule keeping, problem solving, master chef cooking, Uber driving, doing-pink-tutu-things with our daughter and rugby coaching our son all in one go. He is practically running … Continue reading The Superman in your man

To my husband…

APPRECIATING HIM I want to dedicate this post to my homey, my best friend, my number 1👑, my partner in love and war, my person. The jam to my peanut butter sandwich, the sprinkles on my ice-cream🍦, the twinkle in my eye, the Will to Jada, the custard to my jelly the cream to my … Continue reading To my husband…

Controlling your emotions in your marriage

It would’ve been great if I could tell you that I’m a professional marriage and family Therapist and that I have a PhD in psychology. But I’m not and I don’t…I’m an imperfect woman who is experiencing and dealing with life’s glitches like any other person. I’m also going through life in its raw and … Continue reading Controlling your emotions in your marriage

Finding balance – Part 2

Last week I posted about a subject that touches all of us at some point. I decided to proactively look at ways that I can improve the balance in my home and in other areas. I will put down my vulnerable action and then I will make notes of how I will correct those behaviors. The … Continue reading Finding balance – Part 2

Toxic Spiritual Habits You Must Stop Right Now — Tampa by Florence

I have learnt that sometimes we tend to neglect the things that are necessary for the things that are not and we mostly end up being as confused as ever. I was reading a post by lifecoachcode which helps us get a hold of our contradictions and Confusion.They kind of listed 14 kinds of spiritual […] … Continue reading Toxic Spiritual Habits You Must Stop Right Now — Tampa by Florence