Things I love…

Have you ever thought to yourself if it’s even normal to love the silly little things that you love?

I have loads of trivial titbits that I’ve come to love and would like to share them with you to show you that you not the only weirdo out there:-)

You welcome to comment and share whatever items, feelings, people, places, etc there is that you love.


252918-Always-Be-Your-Own-Kind-Of-Beautiful Butterflies. I love the symbolic meaning of them, I love the way they flutter around gracefully, I love the way they are unique each one in their own way. I love their beautiful colours. I love how delicate they are and yet very strong coming from the process they had to go through to become Butterfly. I love how one flap of their wings has a reaction on things thousands of miles away.  I love butterflies.



The beach. I love lazy days on the beach. Summer, winter, Autumn or Spring. I love the beach any day. Give me a good book and hours of free time and I’ll spend it playing with my toes in the sand. I love the mystery that accompany the ocean. It has a mind of its own…no man can decide how it’s tides will roll in and out. I love the idea that there is this entire underwater city that has a vast amount of diverse inhabitants that man will never fully understand. I love the coolness it brings on a hot summers day. I love the crisp air it brings in winter. I love listening to the waves crush at night when it’s dark and I can’t see it only hear it. I love the beach.



Nature. I love all things nature. I love taking long walks in open parks and gardens to clear my mind and appreciate nature’s tranquility and subtle gifts while still getting some exercise. I love listening closely to birds and insects, the wind moving past different leaves, and the sounds of the ground under my feet. The city gets hectic at times and leaves you distracted and anxious while nature helps soothe your mind. I love hiking with my family. It stimulates the curious minds of my kids and encourages a child-like behavior in us adults while enjoying all the sites; skip-hopping through the forest. I love Nature.


I love balloons!! I don’t know why exactly. I just love them…on any occasion. Sometimes it would be inappropriate and sometimes it looks like a mess but just the presence of them floating about makes me feel good. Maybe it’s just a “feel good” kind of emotion I dragged from my childhood or it might be the idea that if I could hold on to a whole bunch of it at once it could lift me off the ground. Imagine that!! Impossible you say??? Maybe. Still, I love balloons.